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Lee Murray – BLACK FRIDAY: 30 BRAND NEW Promo Email Swipes! Download

Lee Murray’s Black Friday SALE… Get 30 BRAND NEW Email Swipes for Just $9.95! These Can EASILY Make You Thousands!

Email marketing has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars online. Now you can tap into my custom-written promotional emails that you can load into your autoresponder for an entire month’s worth of highly-persuasive email content. And the products these emails promote can earn you recurring, viral commissions!

I’ll be charging $47 for these emails soon. And at that price, it’s still a steal.

But from now through the weekend, you can grab all 30 of my BRAND NEW (just finished writing the 30th email a few minutes ago!) emails for just $9.95!

These emails promote the following products/programs, among others…

  • Funnel Five (obviously ;))
  • MLGS
  • 5iphon
  • Covert Commissions
  • Clickbank University
  • Project 24
  • My Online Startup
  • Funnel X Advance
  • Gutter to Gold

All that you need to do is take your new emails and swap out my links with your own. Don’t worry, I show you how to get your links. It’s a very quick and simple process.

Then, you can simply load these into your email autoresponder (your buyers list, subscribers list, 5iphon list… etc.) and start sending them out to your MLGS leads!

These are different from my first set of 30 Funnel Five emails (which you can get on the following page), which are all designed to get people into Funnel Five. This new set of emails has a lot more diversity.

Plus, the emails are shorter and more to-the-point. A bit more exciting, I’d say. ????

So that’s it, my friend.

Imagine This…

  1. You pick up this BRAND NEW set of 30 DFY emails.
  2. You pick up the 30 emails on the next page, along with my entire promotional strategy.
  3. You load up all 60 white-hot emails into your autoresponder.
  4. You build your list quickly and easily using my detailed FF training.
  5. Each and every day, hordes of people read your emails, click your links, and take action.
  6. You get paid every single day, from a multitude of different sources.
  7. The products your emails promote come with recurring billing, so the income doesn’t stop!
  8. The products your emails promote come with multi-tier functionality, so others build your income for you!
  9. You retire happy, fulfilled, and secure. ????

That really is the power of quality email marketing.

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