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Workbook 1: Finding Early Adopters

  • Declaring Victory1
  • Idea Generation9
  • Customer Storming and Role-izing14
  • Who are your Early Adopters19
  • SCALE your Segments28
  • 50 ways to talk to 5 People35
  • Interview Channel Costing45
  • How to Ask for Interview51
  • What to Ask59
  • Interviewing Like a Pro69
  • 5 Interview Checkpoint78
  • You’ve Found your Early Adopters When…

Workbook 2: Offer Testing

  • What is Offer Testing?1
  • Interview Analysis3
  • Problem Synthesis8
  • Solution Ideation13
  • Offer Design25
  • Path to Victory33
  • Offer Experiment Design46
  • Success Metric Stoplight53
  • Failure Protocol58
  • You’ve Validated your Offer When…

Workbook 3: Currency Testing

  • What is Currency Testing1
  • Currency Ladder6
  • Currency Calculator18
  • Currency Experiment Design27
  • Increasing your Conversion Rate with A/B Testing35
  • Increasing your Conversion Rate with Solution…43
  • How to Pre-Sell Anything54
  • Science of Pricing62
  • How to Test your Price70
  • You’ve Validated your Currency When…

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Workbook 4: Utility Testing

  • Utility Testing vs MVP1
  • What Features Should you Utility Test?6
  • How to Build a Utility Test14
  • Utility Testing Metrics24
  • Utility Testing Design36
  • Increasing Customer LifeTime Value40
  • Increasing your Viral Coefficient51
  • You’ve Validated your Utility When…

Workbook 5: Scaling

  • Scaling to Victory1
  • Building your Dev Team6
  • Scaling your Solution22
  • Scaling your Channels26
  • Scaling your Segments30
  • You’re Finished Scaling When…

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