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Everyone today is playing small, and that’s why they’re always coming up short.

This course has nothing to do with having a big wang, being rich or some famous CEO. It’s all about attitude. And the formulas, templates, strategies, tactics and techniques that the guys who seem to have “big everything” are using right now, every single day.

Inside this 4-hour, at-home, high-impact seminar, we’re going to do a deep-dive into how these men do it.. what makes them “tick”.. and I’m even going to give you all their formulas and templates as well, so the way people perceive you is the same:

“That guy must have a big dick.. big money.. or a big, badass life.”

Which, by the way, is all you need to WIN. You don’t need to be hung like a horse or rich like Trump to make people think this about you. You just need the attitudes, formulas and templates packaged neatly inside Big Dick, Big Money, Big Life.

Who is Jason Capital

Former dating guru Jason Capital is one of ‘America’s Honest Dating Coach’ who has helped several persons to meet and attract romantic partners. He has provided the relationship tips on his YouTube channel, and with his several online books and products, he has helped numerous men for not just getting a woman but also self-improvement tips.

Jason is also an entrepreneur who got recognition from former President Barack Obama as a Top 100 Entrepreneurs. He is the founder and chairperson of Capital Research International.

How Much Is Jason Capital’s Net Worth?

Jason, age 30, relishes the net worth from his career as an American dating coach and author. By the age of 24, he became a self-made multimillionaire and currently serves as the CEO of Capital Research International in Newport Coast, California. Detroit native Jason is a founder of his million-dollar web brandsince October 2012.

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