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At The Trading Academy, we focus on teaching our students all the necessary institutional concepts paired with retail concepts in order to be traders of the highest form.

When we dig deep into the curriculum, you’ll find out just how to avoid all the mistakes your traditional retail traders make and feast on their mistakes with your trades.

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Online Mentorship Content

When you join The Trading Academy you unlock our entire recorded online course that is carefully thought-out and planned so that by the end of it, you can all master the art of trading. The whole recorded program would take an average person around 4 months to complete with around 1 month duration per module.

Module 1: The Algorithmic Repricing Mechanism

  • Introduction
  • The Inter Bank Price Delivery Algorithm and my experience trading it
  • Liquidity Placement Theory
  • The Continuation Cycle of price delivery
  • The Reversal Cycle of price delivery
  • Homework: Front-test 25 scenarios of a Continuation Cycle price delivery and a Reversal Cycle price delivery on any asset class intraday. Document it inside a PDF

Module 2: Order Block Theory

  • What is an Order Block?
  • How does one determine what an Order Block is?
  • How does one select an “actual” Order Block?
  • Variations of the Order Block that I use
  • Incorporating Order Blocks with the IPDA delivery cycles
  • Homework: Find 50 examples of Order Blocks and their variations incorporating the IPDA delivery cycles. Document it in a PDF

Module 3: Institutional Swing Points

  • What is an Institutional Swing Point?
  • Patience for the Third Swing Point
  • Blending Order Block Theory with the Institutional Swing Points
  • Homework: Blend Order Block Theory with Institutional Swing Points inside of 50 examples. Document it in a PDF

Module 4: Price Ranges and Imbalances

  • What is a Price Range?
  • Balanced Price Ranges
  • High Probability returns to Order Blocks
  • Low Probability returns to Order Blocks [Incorporating Balanced Price Ranges]
  • Homework: Find 25 examples each for High Probability Order Block and Low Probability Order Block scenarios. Document it inside a PDF

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