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Facebook Ads For E-commerce – Profitable Facebook ads for Ecom brands, perfect for Shopify or Amazon sellers

What you’ll learn

  • Facebook ads for e-commerce
  • Facebook ads
  • How to set up Facebook ads for sales
  • How to run Facebook ads
  • How to target your ideal customers
  • How to test creatives that sell
  • How to analyse Facebook ads data
  • Facebook ads for beginners
  • Facebook ads fundamentals


Learn every step of setting up Facebook ads for e-commerce products. Taught in an easy to understand way that you can instantly implement in your business.

Updated for 2023 … This is perfect for anybody looking to learn the basics of setting up effective Facebook ads.

These methods of tried and tested by a private label brand utilising Facebook ads since 2015.

If you want to run Facebook ads the right way from day 1, this course is for you!

This is an entry level course however the fundamentals are used by advanced sellers with the split testing and creative methods included in the course.

You will learn:

How to set up ads and create your pixel

– Campaign structure

– Setting up your first campaign

– Creating an audience

– Ads creative

– Split testing ads

– How to scale

– Many more tips and tricks

The course is perfect for Shopify or Amazon FBA sellers or any physical product brands. However the strategies can be used for people selling ANY product.

The course is short and straight to the point as it only reached the strategies you need.

Get started, implement and sell more using Facebook ads!

You will Love this course and will be able to implement it directly into your business

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/course/facebook-ads-for-e-commerce-h/

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