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Unlock the world’s largest traffic source with Google ads.

With 6 powerful channels rolled into 1 simple platform, Google ads enable you to use full-funnel marketing campaigns to grow any business.

  • Omni-channel campaigns that span 97% of the Internet
  • Targeted ads for every stage of the customer journey
  • Diversified traffic strategy that protects (and scales) your brand

4 Reasons It’s Time To Invest In Google Ads.

The average Facebook user spends 30–40 minutes a day on the social platform — but that same person spends 155 minutes a day surfing the web or scrolling through other social sites.

So while Facebook is our primary advertising channel and the one we recommend media buyers start with, as your business grows you want to scale across all of the places your customers spend their time.

To do this, you need to develop an omni-channel traffic strategy.

Investing in Google ads is the smartest way to do that, because Google can help you:

Tap Into the Biggest Traffic Source on the Planet

Google has 2x the reach of Facebook & Instagram combined, reaching 97% of the entire Internet. So no matter who your ideal customers are or where they spend their time, you can find more of them on Google than anywhere else. Once you learn how to become a full-stack marketer, you can grow any brand using an omni-channel approach that leverages all 4 major ad platforms for maximum visibility and scale.

Add 10% More Sales to Your Bottom Line

You don’t need to choose between Google or Meta — in fact, you really shouldn’t. They each have their own strengths, and while Facebook and Instagram are great for brand awareness, Google is widely known for its high bottom-of-funnel conversion rate. So even brands that prefer social media advertising can add 10% more ad revenue by leveraging the higher purchase intent of Google Search and Shopping ads.

Reach New Audiences

Did you know that more 18–34 year olds watch YouTube than cable TV? Research shows that 81% of all U.S. adults have used YouTube vs only 69% for Facebook, and after Facebook, YouTube is ranked #2 in global engagement with 2.3 billion  active monthly users. It’s the world’s 2nd largest search engine and the 2nd most visited site on the Internet after Google. Bottom line: no matter what industry you’re in, you can reach greater scale with YouTube and the rest of Google’s channels.

Protect Yourself From Algorithm & iOS Updates

By scaling onto Google and its many traffic channels, you diversify your visibility sources and give yourself a backup revenue stream. So if anything happens to your Facebook ad account, or if your sales take a big hit from the next iOS or algorithm update, you’ll have other revenue channels to rely on while you figure things out. This is like buying secret insurance for your brand, except instead of paying for it, it pays you! Otherwise, you’re always just one misfortune away from going bust.

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