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What I’m Currently Working On I work as a doctor in the United Kingdom. I spent six years at Cambridge University studying medicine and graduated in 2018.
? I make videos about medicine, technology, productivity, and lifestyle on my YouTube channel. Look at some of my most popular videos.

? Every week, I send out an email newsletter. Every Sunday, I give my views on topics I’ve been thinking about, as well as links to books, articles, and podcasts I’ve been listening to. Check out the back issues and consider subscribing.

? Not Overthinking is a weekly podcast that my brother and I host. Every Sunday, we discuss issues concerning “happiness, creativity, and the human condition.”

On this website, I share my favorite apps and technology, as well as articles about productivity, business, and general life advice that I’ve found useful throughout the years.

Other Information

? I started learning to code at the age of 12 and worked as a freelance web designer/developer throughout my adolescence. This allowed me to keep playing World of Warcraft.

? During my time at university (2012-2018), I founded 6med, a firm that assists students applying to medical school. For the UCAT, BMAT, and interviews, we provide classroom training and online question banks. Every year, our goods benefit thousands of students, and we provide tens of thousands of pounds in bursaries to students from low-income families. These days, I advise on high-level strategy, and we have a fantastic team of students in charge of the day-to-day operations.

? I adore playing the piano and guitar, as well as singing pop and Disney tunes. I occasionally share videos like this on Instagram, along with numerous selfies from work, to quietly advertise my profession as a doctor. If it seems even vaguely appealing, please join me.

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