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In this tutorials we will be covering the various topics we use to frame up trade ideas and execute them. The topics we will be covering:
▪ Timeframes
▪ Market structure
▪ Supply and demand
▪ Strong/weak highs & lows
▪ Premium & discount
▪ Ranges
▪ HTF narrative
▪ Liquidity
▪ Order flow
▪ Momentum
▪ Entries
▪ Trade management
We trade forex majors on an intraday basis, most frequently EURUSD & GBPUSD markets, this is focused on an intraday perspective. The majority of this will be using the H4 (4 Hour), as our overarching narrative, paired with the M15 (15 Minute) for structure and a LTF (Low Time Frame) M1 (1 Minute) or Seconds entry. The aim of this PDF is to simply give you a better understanding on how to utilise all the above,allowing you to build a better understanding of what the market is doing, as well as why it is doing it.
There is not a secret sauce that covers everything, it’s about combining all of these theories to build the best trade ideas possible. This will ensure you are confident in your edge and consistent in your trading, which is
our goal here at HU$TLE.

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