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About the course: 

Women by Todd Valentine is designed to teach men the three core elements of advanced level game – real world female psychology, deep calibration, unstoppable outer game. It is intended for beginners and intermediates that want to improve their game and understand how women think and feel on an intuitive level.

The program includes an 8-week relationship course that teaches about getting, keeping, and making relationships work. It also includes an 8-week Smart Live Action Workshop focusing on a specific aspect of female psychology, calibration, and advanced outer game.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Learning Honest Signals (14 videos)
– Understanding Leveling (6 videos)
– Value & Comfort: Why It’s Critical (8 videos)
– Female Psychology (20 videos)
– Social Proof Explained (8 videos)
– Calibration: Advanced Game Mentality (21 videos)
– Plotline: Manufacturing Attraction (10 videos)
– Your Actions, Her Emotions (5 videos)
– Speaking Women (12 videos)
– Integrity: Congruence In Actions (4 videos)

What You Get:

– 8-week relationship course
– Approximately 25 hours of infield with breakdown

Bonus items include:

– The Attractive Man Matrix: 60 individual missions covering 15 traits
– Opening Mastery with Todd Valentine (exclusive live-only event)
– Calibration Manifesto & Female Archetypes Manifesto
– Techniques Toolbox (hand-picked collection of techniques)

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