The Fullstack Nft Minting Website Course (2022)

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About the course: 

The Fullstack Nft Minting Website Course – Learn how to create a NFT minting website by actually building one! Create 10.000 NFT Collection with its metadata.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create 10.000 NFT Collection with its metadata
  • Learn how to upload your NFTs on IPFS
  • Learn creating NFT Smart Contracts
  • Learn creating a Fullstack Nft Minting Dapp
  • Learn how to manage Whitelist Sale, Public Sale and Reveal Processes


Join the most comprehensive NFT Minting Website course and learn how to build a minting website for your next collection!

Web3 is getting more popular everyday. Its really time to get your hands dirty with building some awesome dapps! In this course you will learn lots of information about NFTs, smart contract the web3 frontend and the backend environment technologies. We together are going to create a nft minting dapp website which will allow visitors to mint from your awesome collection. And along the way I will show you how to handle all these ( Public Minting, Presale Minting, Pausing, Revealing ) processes. As we progress you will get to the point that next time you will be able to create your own minting website!

The tech I used in this course:


  • Nextjs
  • Reactjs
  • Tailwindcss
  • Web3.js


  • Hardhat
  • Alchemy

Here’s what’s included in the course:

  • We will generate 10.000 NFT Images & Metadata
  • Create Hidden NFT Image & Metadata
  • Upload your images & metadata on IPFS Servers
  • Connect Wallet ( Metamask and more wallet options )
  • Write a secure Nft Smart Contract
  • Whitelist Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Revealing NFTs ( They will be question marks first )
  • Create frontend using NextJS & Tailwindcss
  • Deploy Smart Contract
  • Verify Smart Contract
  • Interact Methods for Smart Contract
  • Create whitelist accounts
  • Whitelist Verify Process using MerkleProof
  • Payment withdraw for your team!
  • And more!

This course is for you if …

  • You’re interested in building web3 apps
  • You want to explore how to create a minting website

Course prerequisites:

  • Basic programming language knowledge will help a lot but is not a hard requirement
  • You DON’T need to know Solidity

I can’t wait to see you in the next lesson! ?

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to learn about NFTs, web3 and Smart contract this course is a good fit!

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