Sabri Suby – Persuasion Mastery

Sabri Suby – Persuasion Mastery Download
Sabri Suby – Persuasion Mastery Download

How to apply the secrets of superstar-athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe And LeBron… to gain wildly outrageous success in sales (This information will set fire to your soul and make you burn so bright, so ablaze, you won’t be able to sleep at night from the sudden surge of motivation!)
The easiest way to ‘sell yourself’ and get ‘fully sold’ on the product or service you’re selling, this creates an electrifying and unwavering belief in what you’re selling and often causes prospects to stand in line and beg you to take their money!
The ‘King’s Audit’… a dead-simple approach to time management and focus. This freakishly simple 4-step system ensures you earn no less than $1000 per hour (In many cases even much more!)
How to master the #1 most powerful and important skill in life…(this is bar-none THE most powerful skill you can acquire and you can’t learn it at any school or university)
How to develop a calm and unshakeable sense of confidence that causes your prospects to be pulled towards your magnetic conviction, winning their trust with ease (Yes, you can develop this mindset even if you’re a quiet, keep-to-yourself introvert, a sales ‘newbie’ or aren’t a ‘natural’ at sales.)

How to sell anybody, almost anything, from anywhere… without ever meeting your prospects in person…(This could be the single most potent tactic I’ve ever discovered)…
How to become your prospect’s ‘trusted advisor’ instead of an unwelcome pest to rush and get rid of, use this to swiftly ‘disarm’ your prospect’s initial skepticism and defense – so they’ll buy with little to NO RESISTANCE (Even if it’s your very first call with them!)
Find out the #1 very best time of day to make sales calls and how to structure your day around these ‘golden time slots’ (This creates a staggering rush of productivity and a stampede of new clients!)
The subtle tonality secrets to having even the most skeptical of prospects eating out of the palm of your hand and almost BEGGING TO BUY! (As crazy as this sounds…it’s so insanely powerful I was questioning whether or not to include it in this course!)
How to use ‘Meta Verbal Communication’ to become a master of persuasion — using this makes you one of the most persuasive people on the planet, no matter what industry you’re in. You’ll learn EXACTLY how to use these principles to ‘glide’ through sales and close up to 80% of leads!
What Obama, Mother Teresa and even Hitler can teach you about how to outsell your competition 10-to-1. (Not even the most famous and renowned sales trainers in the world understand the power of how to apply this to ANY business to create an avalanche of sales!)
Why you don’t need to be an extrovert or have an ‘aggressive’ personality to be a WORLD CLASS salesperson (and how you can use introverted traits to be a ‘silent assassin’ of sales and win more business than “sales naturals”)

The WORD-FOR-WORD sales scripts my company uses to close over $1 Million in NEW business each MONTH, all over the phone (This isn’t the usual pushy sales tactics that almost cause you to vomit in your mouth when you read it!)
Discover the foolproof process (and word-for-word scripts) of how to structure your sales calls like a slippery slope, so your prospect almost effortlessly slides into buying at the end of the call (instead of saying, ‘I need to speak with my partner’’ or ‘can you send me some information’)
A detailed walkthrough of every nuance of my battle-tested 8 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Script. I’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to modify and apply it to your own business! (You’ll also get this battle-hardened script both as a Word and PDF document)
How to provide an incredibly VALUABLE and ENJOYABLE experience to your prospects on each and every call… and STILL consistently close $2,000 – $250,000 deals…(Forget the dated high-pressure sales tactics that feel forced and unnatural)
The three-step process for ‘stacking the value’ so high that your prospect screams ‘This is MORE than worth it.’ Or asks ‘what’s the catch’ and ‘How do we get started?!’ instead of, ‘it’s too expensive’ and ‘can you give me a better price’…

How to isolate, overcome and smash ANY objection into a thousand pieces…No more “I need to think about” or “Can you send me more information”…Instead you’ll have your prospects eagerly asking “what are the next steps?” and “how do we get this going?” as they eagerly ASK TO BUY!
Find out THE NUMBER ONE most deadly objection of all (this is likely the last objection you think it is…Hint: it’s not price) and how to isolate and SMASH IT to create a windfall of new sales.
Learn EXACTLY how to side step and overcome the dreaded ‘I need to talk to my partner first’ objection…I’ll reveal how this is a ‘stall’ and not a real objection at all and how you can swiftly move past this and close OVER this stall (this one tactic alone will win you an insane amount of extra business)
How to unearth your prospect’s ‘Silent Objection’ so you finally find out their REAL concerns and pain points! (Without knowing this it’s literally impossible to close the sale. However 9 out of 10 Prospects will NEVER tell you what’s REALLY going on in their mind…This ninja tactic shows you how)
A forgotten closing secret known only to a small handful of the most successful (and wealthy) sales people in the world, this can boost your closing rate up to 90% even when you’re up against FIERCE competition!

How to use my ‘secret weapon’ of multimodality follow up to increase your closing percentage by 600% (Adopting this one strategy ALONE will have your competition down on their knees pleading for mercy…as you win the lionshare of business when you pitch against them)
Why being pushy, using pressure or other over-the-top tactics are the WRONG way to sell in today’s digital age… And how to close twice as many sales WITHOUT those outdated, sleazy tactics…
What to do when a red hot prospect disappears or goes silent…when at first they sounded super-keen but then stopped answering your calls…(I’ll give you my exact script of a secret technique that I developed called “Pipe Bombs”. This ninja tactic will catch the most elusive prospects and bring deals back from the dead!
Get my EXACT step-by-step and day-by-day follow up blueprint…Never again wonder when to follow up or what to say….or worry about coming on too strong and sounding desperate! Simply use my foolproof follow up blueprint!
The Follow Up Rule Book revealed!…Yes there are rules to the follow up, break them and no matter how great your product or service, or how low the price…You will NEVER close the deal (Almost nobody… not even the ‘sales gurus’… understand these!)
The SINGLE easiest and most simple way for almost any business to double or even triple the amount of sales they make immediately – an obvious strategy that nevertheless eludes 9 out of every 10 business owners! (This one revelation could cover your investment 10 times over!)

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