[Download] Ramit Sethi – How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance (2021)

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About the course:

The course is structured as a collection of lessons, primarily video, but with supporting documents where relevant. The videos are divided into three modules.

There are 14 videos, with a total approximate view time of about 2.5 hours.

Now length isn’t everything. If you’ve ever gotten access to a “three hour video course” and found that it’s just a webinar with all of the intro/outro noise that goes along with it, you know that density of content matters.

And I was happy to see that each video was tightly focused on content.

Most of it, at least when not showing visual aides, was a close up of Ramit’s mug:

Ramit’s mug

After each video, most of them had a call to action, and a super long comment section below where attendees post their intention or progress.

I’ll share one example of this because it’s both appropriate and also unintentionally humorous.

Here’s something you might not expect. I want you to take $500 and spend it on something extravagant that you previously thought would have been unimaginable.

Um, Ramit, I hate to be a wag, but do you know how much I just spent on this course?

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