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The Curriculum Explore The Beyond Fasting Protocol

Beyond Fasting is a 28-day online program that guides you towards a lasting physical and inner transformation through the practice of optimized intermittent fasting.

20 minutes a day is all you need, as you join Ronan Oliveira in daily bite-sized video lessons on fasting and nutrition optimization, mindful eating, and even how to shift your habits and mindset for lifelong health and freedom from unhealthy food choices.

By the end of your journey, you’ll emerge with a rewarding fasting routine that sticks – and keeps you in optimal health, shape, and wellness for a lifetime.


Fasting The Optimal Way (Day 1 – 7)

Your Beyond Fasting adventure begins with a strong foundation in the inner and outer aspects of optimal fasting. This is where you start building up your fasting confidence, and preparing your mind and body for a lasting transformation of your eating patterns and habits.

Highlights include:

  • The path to an optimal 16-hour fast: whether you’re a beginner or you’re already used to fasting this long or more, here you’ll discover the right way to prepare your mind and body for an accessible and effective fasting window.
  • Meet your 4 Fasting Coaches: your ‘coaches’ are the internalized rules, guidelines, and goals you set for your fasting journey – and when you learn to engage and listen to them, they’ll guide you towards the results you want, minus the pain and struggle.
  • Demolishing fasting myths: Google is not always your friend, especially if you’ve been exposed to these damaging fasting myths that even many health experts and bloggers have spread for years.
  • How to 5x your results with fasting: discover the scientifically proven Mental Contrasting technique that rewires your mind to command your body to shed excess weight, overcome health issues, and even add years to your lifespan.
  • And much more.


Reimagining Your Eating Psychology (Day 8 – 14)

Next, you’ll re-evaluate your relationship with hunger, and go deeper into the hows and whys of your eating habits. By the end of this second week, you’ll emerge with a wholly renewed eating psychology that leaves you more mindful, in control, and empowered to choose food that makes you feel as good as it tastes.

Highlights include:

  • How to ride the wave of hunger: we’ve been conditioned to think of hunger as a problem we need to solve urgently – but what if it could be more than that? What if hunger, when managed correctly, could be a tool for wellness and self-mastery?
  • The peaceful power of mindful eating: break free from harmful food cravings and impulses, and discover how to instinctively choose better food (and even enjoy it more) through the practice of mindful eating.
  • Defining why you eat: discover how to reframe your reasons for eating, and in turn transform your autopilot eating habits and choices (it’s incredible how a simple shift in your thought patterns can transform your entire behavior).
  • Ending hunger the right way: fasting isn’t just about how long you don’t eat – but about what you choose to eat at the end of your fasting window. Use these guidelines for the best possible results.
  • And much more.


Upgrading Your Food Choices (Day 15 – 21)

In week three, you’ll start adjusting your food choices to match your new goals, and the better version of you that you’re becoming. The beauty of this step of the process is that it creates lasting change in you, so before long you’re gravitating towards better food without even thinking about it.

Highlights include:

  • Designing your food framework: your food framework is a personalized menu based on your weight, dietary, and health goals. It takes the struggle and guesswork out of eating, because you always know what food to reach for.
  • Meals that you (and your body) will love: use these simple guidelines to whip up easy, delicious, nourishing meals that fit your food framework and your taste.
  • The easy way to break up with unhealthy food: kicking unhealthy food cravings doesn’t need to involve misery or struggle when you follow this gentle break up strategy.
  • Optimizing your living spaces: your surroundings play a crucial role in your eating habits. Here you’ll discover how to transform every room – including your kitchen – into a space that naturally motivates you to stay on the right track.
  • And much more.


Steadfast In Any Situation (Day 21 – 28)

Your final week is about developing an unbreakable commitment to your fasting and wellness goals – even when life or your own emotions throw you a curveball, or your schedule goes off track. Life is often unpredictable: but with these strategies, you can stay consistent no matter what’s going on around you.

Highlights include:

  • How to manage unbearable cravings: what do you do when you get an overwhelming urge for ice-cream or chips? Apply this behavioral strategy, and you can still enjoy the occasional indulgence without relapsing into your own habits.
  • The fasting-when-traveling game plan: tough travel schedules, airline food, foreign cities – here’s how to stick to your fasting and wellness practices, even when you’re halfway across the world.
  • The social life survival guide: whether you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet, or dancing the night away at a birthday party, here’s how to maximize your enjoyment at any social occasion – without sacrificing your goals or consistency.
  • Top secret advanced fasting technique: you’ll experiment with this technique at the very end of the program – and you’ll be amazed not only by what it does for you, but your ability to achieve what others might call “impossible”.

Bonuses Included Only For First Class

Bonus #5:

Bonus Video Training: The Woman’s Guide To Optimal Fasting

If you’ve done your research, you may have come across the idea that fasting harms women’s hormones and metabolism. In this video you’ll discover the scientific reasons this is untrue – and discover the optimal approach to fasting for women’s unique biological needs, based on data gathered from over 5,000 women who’ve adopted the Beyond Fasting protocol.

Bonus #6:

Bonus Video Training: Taming Your Hunger

One of the biggest concerns with fasting is hunger: will it be unbearable? Will you suffer throughout the day? This video conditions you to not only conquer this irrational fear – but to transform hunger into a rewarding tool for self-reflection and self-mastery. Review this video each time you feel bothered by hunger pangs, and watch as they quickly lose their grip over you.

A Program By Ronan Oliveira,

Mindvalley’s Head Of Health & Fitness

Ronan Oliveira is Mindvalley’s in-house health and fitness expert. His specialty is in designing optimal science-based protocols that create quantum leaps in human wellness – often in just a fraction of the time and effort compared to regular diet or fitness programs.

Intermittent fasting is one of Ronan’s key practices. His fasting journey began years ago with a fundamental mistake: he would fast to compensate for periods of binge eating.

This approach caused more harm than good. It did trigger some weight loss – but it also fuelled his unhealthy eating habits. Nor was it improving his overall health.

Ronan soon realized this wasn’t a problem with fasting itself, but rather the way he was approaching it. Because while he was addressing when he was eating, he wasn’t looking into the what, how, how much, or why.

This realization inspired Ronan to explore the science of fasting – and how the human mind can be harnessed to elevate fasting into a far more effective, struggle-free, and enjoyable process for optimal wellness.

Beyond Fasting is the culmination of Ronan’s research and experimentation. It’s the result of years of study in fields like nutrition, biology, psychology, and habit formation – and he’s confident it’s the single most transformational, easy-to-follow fasting protocol available today.

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