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  • Get Exactly What You Need to Unlock the Power of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Dashboards, and Measurement Strategy

    How Measuring Your Marketing Actually Works…

    Measurement Marketing is a Strategic approach to streamlining your measurement system without missing critical components like:

    Having a solid plan in place before you start messing with tools

    Knowing what actions you will take before you set up your measurement tools or optimize a marketing campaign

    Knowing how to articulate the story your measurement system is giving you, your team, and  stakeholders

    Working with confidence because you have the system, skills, and ability to predict results (without wasting precious time “Analyzing”)

    Knowing how, when, and what to optimize in your campaigns with the highest level of efficiency

    The Measurement Marketing Framework Helps You to Understand…

    • What two types of questions to ask, and what information do you need to collect to answer the questions
    • How to tie traffic to the only three results that matter when measuring prospects throughout the customer journey
    • How to build a measurement system that creates reports that tell a clear story
    • How to leverage analytics tools to Listen to the market across marketing channels responsible for converting strangers into customers.
    • How to “predict” with confidence the results of marketing campaigns and revenue generated for the business
    • How to prove the Return on Investment of marketing activities

    But the fact is, Measurement can be complicated and lead to
    frustration, overwhelm, and confusion.

    Which is why the Measurement MarketingAcademy was created..

    The Measurement Marketing Academy is built for marketers, business owners, and agency owners who need to know how marketing drives revenue and profits now…

    For those of you who are tired of useless reports…

    Those fed up with so-called “push button” easy platforms that claim to give “actionable insights” but fail to deliver…

    Those who want dashboards and reports that clearly show what’s working and what’s not, so you know what marketing activities to scale and which ones are draining the budget dry…

    Introducing the… Measurement Marketing Academy

    You don’t have the time or patience to get bogged down with the
    complications that come with being “Data-Driven”…

    The Measurement Marketing Academy is designed to give you the training and high-touch support you need to get work done.

    All you have to do is log in, choose the training you need, and get started. Or you can get in touch with a Instructor to explain what you want to accomplish and get the precise direction you’re looking for.

    From planning, setting up a tool, designing a report, building a dashboard, optimizing a funnel, or getting prepped for a report meeting with your C.E.O. (or client)… you’re covered!

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