Julien Blanc – High Vibe Communication (2022)

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What is High Vibe Communication?

High Vibe Communication is a step-by-step program designed to help you trigger permanent change on a personal level and become a social “natural”.

But more than that, it’s also a guide to steer you away from the common ego traps of personal development.

That can set you back entire years – sometimes your entire life.

You’ll learn how to embody a unique form of organic social grace that fits your own personality like a glove… making interactions, relationships, opportunities, and their long-term results a part of your day-to-day life.



Learn what “social skills” REALLY mean… and why they’re not the end-all-be-all to social success. This module will show you why approaching socializing from a purely logical standpoint will only doom you to failure after failure.

You’ll learn the importance of your emotional skills versus your analytical skills, and why this is a HUGE sticking point for most people.

Trying to solve your emotional skill problems with logic and analysis is a recipe for disaster. This module will help you avoid that and stay on the path to consistent improvement.


Learn the difference between a ‘social scammer’ and a ‘social master.’ Relying on things like techniques, putting up a front, and using self-hype to boost your confidence is only hurting your chances. Instead you’ll learn how to plant the seeds of a strong, authentic identity true to yourself – one where you’re naturally confident 24/7.

This module will walk you through the mental knots currently stifling your emotional freedom – and how to unravel it all.

By diving into your subconscious mind, you’ll learn how to let go of your trauma and core beliefs – everything blocking you off your social potential. You’ll use three unique meditations to get out of your head and focus on the simplicity of “being.”


If emotional skills are 80% of social success… then analytical skills are the last 20% that take you to 100%. They’re the polish that make your authentic self shine. Being authentic is important, but without the ability to connect and be relatable you’ll never get the results you truly want.

In this module you’ll nail down things that don’t come as naturally to people: How to communicate your value, how to read and use behavioral cues, subcommunication, the importance of framing and reframing… all the things that make up advanced social calibration.

You’ll also learn the five basic requirements when it comes to social skills (if you’re not meeting these, then you’re not even in an interaction). Through this you’ll learn the different layers of communication which builds the skill of never running out of things to say.


This module breaks down the ‘phases’ of an interaction. It doesn’t matter if you’re networking, flirting, making friends, whatever – at the end of the day, every interaction boils down to these core phases.

You’ll also learn about congruence testing, and how to stay true to the person you present yourself as.

This is what makes vibing effortless, which lets you kickstart the connection process and ignite those on-the-spot connections you no doubt want to make.

Plus you’ll learn how to build comfort and investment, how to connect for the long-term, and how to follow up in a way that has them contacting YOU first.

On top of that you’ll also learn about group dynamics to help you handle any kind of social situation (hint: it’s VERY different from talking to just one person).


If you’re going out and getting references but not breaking them down when you get home, you’re just spinning your wheels. This module is all about how to get those references and how to analyze them so you can consistently learn and improve from them.


Exercises you can do at home to keep your skills sharp and accelerate the time it takes to cement these concepts in your mind. These will help you with things like dropping the front and staying true to yourself, improvising, staying grounded, being more expressive, and even starting your own podcast.

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