[Download] Gumroad – Houdini Tutorial Procedural Level Design in UE4 (2021)

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Welcome, in this tutorial you will learn procedural level generation with powerful procedural tools in Houdini for Unreal Engine 4.

Obviously the main objective is to give you the techniques you can apply to other procedural level.

From start to finish we create a procedural level generation tool in Houdini and deploy the finished asset into Unreal Engine 4 using the powerful Houdini Engine!

Possibility to speed up your level creation using Procedural Techniques in Houdini Engine.

Offers the possibility to automatically generate multiple variations of the level.

Helps you find the perfect design.

Develop a consistent visual language.


Procedural Generation of Level   

  • Exploring The Level  


  •   11 Video Chapters
  •   Houdini Project File
  •   Unreal Engine 4 Project File + all assets
  •   PDF Documentation Procedural Level
  •   HDA Asset


  • Chapter_1 Size Controls 9 min.
  • Chapter_2 Transfer Scattered Points To Grid 19 min.
  • Chapter_3 Creating Custom Nodes 9 min.
  • Chapter_4 Creating Stairs 24 min.
  • Chapter_5 Creating Base For Level Generation 33 min.
  • Chapter_6 Creating Pavement 22 min.
  • Chapter_7 Creating Columns 20 min.
  • Chapter_8 Creating Walls 34 min.
  • Chapter_9 Creating Borders 24 min.
  • Chapter_10 Creating HDA 9 min.
  • Chapter_11 Import To UE4 26 min.


  • Houdini 17.5 +
  • Unreal Engine 4.22  +


Intermediate Houdini Knowledge


At the beginning of each chapter is an animated illustration explaining what will happen in each Chapter. With audio commentary at key moments.

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