EatTheBlocks – 6 Figures Blockchain Developer (2022)

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About the course: 

Becoming a Highly Paid Blockchain Developer And Getting Your First Job Just Got Easier

The Step-By-Step Aim-Load-Fire Method to Find Your First Highly Paid Blockchain Job

Why become a blockchain developer (and why NOW)?


 The demand is SKYROCKETING, but the supply of good developers with this specific set of skills is slower to increase…
 It’s “new” so no one hiring is going to ask for years of experience (a good portfolio can be enough)
 MASSIVE investments are being made in the industry by large companies and especially in DeFi
 I’ve personally got my first job as a blockchain developer for a salary of $100k and… remote

But while this all sounds very attractive, how do you actually get started with this skill and find a job?

Because the resources you can find out there look like this:

  • You learn to make a very simple app that has nothing to do with the professional ones you’ll need to get hired
  • You get overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and blockchains to learn (and end up knowing only a little about everything)
  • Overly technical tutorials that bore you to death with the mind-numbing mechanics of building useless apps, and don’t say a thing about strategy to find a job…
  • Very hype-y teachers that make big claims about showing you the way… But rehash the same content that brings no result or CLEAR step-by-step to learn.
  • Not up-to-date content (old versions of Solidity, web3….)

The truth of the matter is that there are only a few things you need to focus in and learn to:

• Build a World-Class Portfolio of Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

• Learn the skills that will ACTUALLY get you hired and help you develop blockchain apps

• Position yourself and standout with a rockstar profile: to find your very first blockchain job/project (and many more after that)

• Jump on a juicy trend while it’s still not a wide-spread idea

That’s what inspired me to build the most actionable and clear program to help you achieve just that:

Introducing: 6 Figures Blockchain Developer
The Masterclass is the leading training community for first time blockchain developers.

It’s a self-paced program to help you find a job within 60 days.

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of learning the skills, building a Dapp portfolio, and finding a job.

PLUS the community support you need to ensure you achieve your full potential.

♦ What’s Inside?
Ok so let me give you the gist of what’s you’ll learn in the program

Part 1: Introduction to Blockchain & Ethereum

Part 2: Smart Contracts Development (Solidity 0.6)

Part 3: Build a rockstar portfolio of Blockchain projects:

  • Project #1 – Build your First Decentralized Application with Solidity, Truffle & Web3. Include tests & frontend
    Project #2 – Capstone project: Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens. Include tests & (beautiful) frontend with charts.

Part 4: Find your First Blockchain Job, using the “Aim, Load Fire” method

Bonus #1: Solidity Snippets

Bonus #2: Curated Directory of Top Blockchain companies

Bonus #3: Private Telegram and 24/7 Support

What If You Don’t Know ANYTHING About Development?

Ok Julien… This is all great but what if I have very little knowledge of the fundamentals of coding: HTML, CSS, JS,…

I got you there:

JumpStarter Package:
This includes a Bootcamp Series – Foundation of Web Development for Blockchain Development

I’m going to teach you live the tools you need to be able to start leaning blockchain development.

So even if you’re a newbie, no excuses!

Meet Julien

Hi, I’m Julien and you may have discovered me through through my YouTube channel: EatTheBlocks.

I’ve been a blockchain developer for over 4 years (when it wasn’t cool yet) and worked on project for many cutting edge companies in the blockchain industry.

In 2017, I started creating tutorials and resources to show other wanna-be blockchain developers how to acquire the skill necessary to get in the industry and get their 1st highly paid job (like I did)

What It Makes It Different?

  • Walk The Talk
    I’m only going to teach you PROVEN methods and skills that I’ve personally tested and successfully implemented
  • Practical Steps To Find A Job
    Only the essential and the stuff that actually works. No B.S
  • Peer Support
    Join the community and share with other blockchain developers and create a network effect (play of words intended)
  • Look Over My Shoulder
    All you have to do is reproduce what I’m showing on my screen


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