E-go Driven – Self-Sufficiency – 21 Days Program (2022)

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About the course: 

Self-Sufficiency – 21 Days Program: No feel-good “self-improvement” guide, no BS, just a proven, easy to follow system to achieve total independence.

Develop TOTAL CONTROL over your brain with this PROVEN 21 Days Program 

And Let Me Know How Quickly Your Life Turned Around With Only 5 Tasks a Day.

If you are acting needy, with a lack of confidence…

A lack of social skills, of discipline…

If you are facing rejection on a daily basis… it’s NOT your fault – you were brainwashed.

If you take a walk in the self-help section of a library, and pick up some of the books you will soon notice a very common theme amongst them – they are all preaching you need to learn yourself more- “You are depressed because you don’t know yourself enough”.

This is where the first cycle of hell begins.

The real reason why you are facing rejection and you are not an unstoppable, extremely self-confident person is a lack of self-awareness and discipline.

This program was designed to give you the most actionable and straightforward process to develop an unmatchable self-confidence and complete self-sufficiency in life.

It’s a 21-day program that aims to rewire you into the person you want to become – a DIY process, but you can always reach out to me for guidance.

IF you commit to following this program, you will achieve PEAK confidence and self-sufficiency in 21 days.

You get 21 instruction files (in both audio and pdf), Templates for journaling and a database of affirmations to use.

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The alternative is going to CBT which costs $200 per session.

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