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Get ready to take your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Marketing to the next level. Learn how to build a content strategy, create simple Facebook ads that work, find your audience, grow your lists, make Facebook your partner, build Messenger bots, grow your online presence, explode your E-commerce brand (on and off of Amazon), generate unlimited traffic (people) to your offline stores, and more!

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ALL of Manuel’s SOPs are out of the bag!

Manuel and his team have put together a collection of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures – a.k.a. Step by step procedures) that will cover everything you need to know from how to correctly set up your Business Manager to creating your first Facebook ad account. These SOPs will also cover, in detail, Ad Creation, Split -Testing like a ninja, and much, much more!

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Bonus #4:My Best E-Commerce Funnels – For an off-Amazon Explosion! – Value $1,995

Bonus #5:An Entire Library of SOP’s – No question left unanswered – Value $995

Bonus #6:Bootcamp – Getting Started with Facebook Ads Live Training – Value $995

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