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Credit Mastery Course by Will Roundtree
Welcome to Credit Mastery Course

Learn insider strategies used by the elite to build and repair your credit, dissolve debt and add stability to your life in this 6-month program. Financial freedom begins when you understand how your credit score works and think of credit in a new way – so you can be a smarter consumer who uses credit to build a future, not crippling debt.

Your Instructor: Will Roundtree
Will Roundtree
Will Roundtree is an author, financial counselor, and owner of WE Management. By teaching others to work with the credit system, invest in real estate and other assets, as well as manage their finances, Will helps create better lives for entrepreneurs, investors and their families. He is the author of “Credit is King: Transforming your Credit to Royalty”

What’ll you get

What is Credit
What is a Credit Score
Credit Models and Major Credit Bureaus
How is Your Credit Score Affected
Types of Credit Delinquencies
What Makes up a Credit Score
Credit Score Myths
How to Rebuild Your Credit Score
How your Credit Score Affects your Interest
What are Credit Tradelines
Debt to Income Ratio
Establishing Business Credit
Selecting the Correct Credit Repair Company
Debt Settlement
The Power of the Goodwill Letter
How to Apply for Credit
Credit Card Sins
Leveraging Good Credit
Dealing With a Collection Agency
Dealing With Student Loan Debt
Being an Authorized User
Disputing Errors and Delinquencies
Financing and Leasing Vehicles
Identity Theft
Credit Laws and Protection Rights
Sample Credit Repair Letters

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