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Here’s What You’re Getting…
Instant online access to this special edition of the Simple Service System, including all the limited-time bonuses outlined below. As you follow along with me in these step-by-step videos you will…

1 — CREATE YOUR WINNERS MINDSET: In this video we’ll go over a couple of really simple things you need to get right in your own head before you ever contact the first business. The reality is if you don’t have these things right in your own mind first then you’ll always struggle to convince anyone else.

As you make these small changes you’ll feel more confident and assured in yourself and you’ll ooze authority in every communication you make. This is really important because people always listen to and take advice from those they respect which makes your job of selling infinitely easier.

2 — FIND UNLIMITED LEADS: Now that you’ve got your mindset right, it’s time to find businesses to contact. And knowing the right businesses to contact makes all the difference. Get this wrong and it doesn’t matter how good your message or your offer is, you’ll never make a sale.

So in this video you discover the best types of businesses to sell this service to (hint: those who are going to get the fastest results possible… which is good for both you and them) and I’ll show you how to find these businesses nice and quickly.

You’ll also discover a simple website that helps you find the best email addresses to contact each businesses with, if that’s what you’d prefer to do. This saves you a ton of time trying to visit each website one by one trying to find their contact details.

This ensures you have an unlimited supply of high quality leads so you’re never stuck looking for a new business to contact… and you’ll only be contacting those businesses who really want and need the service you have, resulting in more paying clients for you.

3 — CLOSE YOUR CLIENTS: Now that you’ve found the best businesses to contact, in this video I’ll show you the small things that make a HUGE difference in your results. Now again, this is all stuff I’ve learnt through lots of trial and error… so you can either figure this stuff out on your own or get it right the first time.

I’ll show you simple things like…

– what time of day is best to visit a business? Get this wrong and you’ll waste so much time going into businesses like I did initially. That was until I figured out this small window of time where I almost always got a positive response from business owners…

– What should you do when standing in front of a business owner to get them on board for the free trial as quickly as possible… and trust me, it’s the opposite to what most people will tell you to do. A business owner only ever wants to see this one thing…

– How to set things up so you can maximize your selling time. Again this is simple stuff but I didn’t know it until I learnt the hard way and wasted a load of time. This one simple change will save you a ton of wasted hours on the streets.

– If contacting businesses by email, what should you say? How long should your first email be? What should you ask to ensure you get a positive reply?

4 — SETUP YOUR SMS SYSTEM: Now before you visit your first business you’ll want to have the actual SMS system setup and ready to go. So in this video you’ll setup your very own SMS loyalty system from scratch.

You’ll discover the best platform to use, how to create your free account right away that allows you to control as many clients as you want, and the simple settings you need to make sure this system runs on complete autopilot, with very little input from you.

You’ll also be able to rest assured that your clients have a system that is both reliable and compliant with all local laws – which is very important.

You’ll add your first client into the system and from then on, it’s just a matter of repeating the same simple steps to add each new client. Best of all, as you add each new client, you do the work ONCE and then get paid over and over again.

Unlike all these other services people sell like Facebook advertising and seo where they get paid only when they do the work, you’ll set things up so the system works without any ongoing input from you… so your income is no longer dependent on how many hours you work each month.

SMS platforms like this charge you anywhere from $67-$97 per month. But as a preferred student of mine, you’re going to get FREE access to this same platform I use. So there’s no monthly fee and no joining fee. All you pay is the cost per SMS sent, and they’re cheap as chips, starting at just 1 cent per SMS in the USA. So you’re literally saving yourself thousands of dollars over the next year or two by watching this video.

5 — CREATE YOUR FLYERS: Next, you’re going to have instant access to the exact same professional flyer template I have been using. And don’t worry, you don’t need any design skills or special software to use this.

I have set this up on a free website called canva. So you simply create a free canva account and you can then import my pre-designed flyer template and edit it with just the click of a button. It’s that simple.

And best of all you will see I have kept the design of this flyer nice and simple for a couple of reasons. First of all we want the message to stand out like a sore thumb, so the simpler the better. I’ve found this simple design has worked much better than those with pretty and complicated background images where the message gets lost.

Second of all you will notice there is a lot of white space on this flyer and this has been done purposely so you can literally print these flyers out on your home color printer and they still look nice and professional.

So there’s no need to visit any printing shops or anything like that. You can edit and print these flyers right at home which saves you a ton of time and money.

6 — COLLECT YOUR PAYMENTS: After your leads have been through your free 14 day trial and seen the results your service provides them first-hand, they’ll be eager to continue on. And remember, your clients will be paying you out of the extra profits they’re now already making. So it’s a total no-brainer for them.

So in this video you’ll setup a simple service that allows you to invoice your new client right away and allows them to pay you online using any credit card (don’t worry, this is a synch to setup… and the money is paid straight into your bank account).

You’ll also set things up so that your client is automatically invoiced the same amount at the same time each and every month… so you don’t have to worry about chasing up payments or forgetting to invoice them. Set this up once and it all takes care of itself… so you can spend more time growing your business rather than running it. All you need to do is just watch those monthly payments come in like clockwork, month after month.

7 — SCALE YOUR BUSINESS: Now that your SMS system is setup and you have paying clients, it’s time to grow your business (and your income) much faster. In this video you’ll discover how to outsource the simple tasks you’re repeating each day so you can spend less time working in your business whilst allowing your business to grow much faster than you could ever do it by yourself.

This should be your ultimate goal as it creates a business that not only provides you with a very healthy monthly income but it also (and more importantly) gives you the freedom and time to enjoy more of your life without being tied down to a job.

Before you know it, you’re a business owner who doesn’t have to answer to anyone else and you finally have the freedom to enjoy your life on your own terms.

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