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About the course: 

Product Details It takes time to break these down and understand how they work.
In this course we’ll talk in detail about these topics and how they can be applied to real life scenarios, and how we expect they’ll impact our lives.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

✅Understand the key web3 lingo and how you can apply it to a new/existing business
✅ Know where to find help for anything you don’t know. You’ll have access to a great and supportive community
✅ Command envious glances as you walk down the street (in the metaverse)

You’ll benefit from this if.

✅ You’re just looking for a quick crash course in web3 and how it can apply to real businesses
✅ You have an idea for a web3 app but don’t know how to make it yourself
✅ You’ve got an existing web2 app and you’re wondering how you can inject some web3
✅ You want to solidify your web3 knowledge, learn some awesome tips and tricks, and see how you could use no-code tools available today to build your app in days.

Course overview

✅ Hours of video tutorials covering the key foundations of web3 you need to understand before you start building.
✅ Tips and tricks, recommendations of how to get started with no-code.
✅ Where it does and doesn’t make sense to use web3 technologies in your app
✅ Introduction to some web3 projects we absolutely love
✅ Guides and resources for continuing your learning journey and trouble shooting.

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