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Untrapped Freedom Manifesto by Brian Carruthers Download

If lately you have felt stuck, felt trapped, and have been questioning if this is all there is, your unrest is not uncommon. Frankly, it’s your subconscious self (your soul) raising its hand to get your attention. There is so much more to life than trading a majority of your daylight hours for a paycheck, regardless of the amount. You may be fed up with saying, ‘Sorry, we can’t afford it’ to your spouse, or ‘Sorry, I can’t be on your field trip’ to your child, or ‘Next time …’ to your friends. It’s high time you live your best life the way you design it. How is it that some people have found a way to have time and financial freedom, and are living the dream? After 25 years of coaching in the entrepreneurial space and watching countless people get untrapped from the rat race, this book will finally have your answer.

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