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Learn to Make Money with Stocks, Options, Futures, and Bitcoin


  • Learn To Trade Stocks Like A Pro
  • Learn To Trade Options Like A Pro
  • Learn To Trade Futures Like A Pro
  • Momentum Stock Secrets
  • Swing Trading with Options
  • Learn To Day Trade Like A Pro
  • Make Money with IPOs
  • My Favorite Momentum Stocks
  • Make Money with Covered Calls

“Just wanted to thank you again for the course. I’m almost finished with the material, but have already placed a few trades motivated by the material in the course. I haven’t closed out of any of the positions yet, but at least on paper, I’ve already covered my cost and now have a little extra Christmas shopping money. Thanks again, looking forward to more success in the future.”

Kevin L.

Graduate of “Learn to Trade Stocks like a Pro”

“So glad to finally have a very experienced mentor to guide me in this journey and venture. There is so much noise on the internet and in the publications and also from “friends in stock trading”, that it is so confusing. Much of my learning is self-directed and there is no one really to reference to. By chance I came across your publications on Amazon.com and I truly like the very clear and succinct material presented. Thank you very much indeed for putting out the course for confused investors and traders like me. I look forward to learning much from you, Matt.”

Philip T.

Graduate of “Learn to Trade Stocks like a Pro”

“I have been studying your course and I have to say I love it. I find it well-written and well-explained. I am looking forward to finishing it and getting started trading.”

Stephen B.

Graduate of “Learn to Trade Stocks like a Pro”


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