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Content Genius Workshop – My Earn As You Go THREE Module Workshop Finally Reveals How And Where I Source The Pro-Quality Content That Gets My Emails Opened, My Links Clicked And Made Me Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Working From Home.

In This Workshop I Share Exactly WHAT I Do And WHY I Do It, Where I Find The Pro Quality Content That Has Got Me A Reputation As One Of The Most Interesting And Unique Internet Marketers.

Why Is Content So Vital?

Content is the reason we buy products and services – it’s as simple as that.

If you can supply creative, interesting, and addictive content you can sell anything you wish, to anyone and at any time – either your own products OR as an affiliate.

I’ve done both very successfully.

So let’s talk about content for a second…

It’s the reason we follow marketers, bloggers, writers, YouTubers and other experts and it’s the reason we open their emails, read their Tweets, Like their Facebook posts and click on their links

It’s the reason we buy their books, follow their recommendations, listen to their music, watch their videos, download their podcasts and generally buy their stuff.

It’s all about content.

And If you can deliver engaging, interesting and appealing content then selling becomes SIMPLE, whether they’re your own products, or making commissions as an affiliate.

If you’ve read any of my courses you’ll know that stories are some of the best ways of teaching. What could be better to emphasis your point than a well-sourced story or example?

And even better it’s ready-made content you can LEGALLY use as you wish. I’ll show you a few journalistic techniques that give you carte blanche to use pretty much any content you like for any purpose without worrying about copyright or intellectual property laws.

I’ll show you where to get it and how to use it.

I’ll show you how to turn content about everything from Fidel Castro’s crocodiles to the gruesome truth about Madame Tussaud into profit for YOUR business.

Of course, I’ll ALSO show you where to get content that you can use to teach, inform and educate too – that’s is ALSO there for the taking when you know where to look.

I’ll Show You How To Switch From Content Into Sales Mode Too

Knowing WHEN to ask for the sale and HOW to ask for the sale is vital so I’ll cover ALL of that in this course too.

I’ll show you actual examples if how I do this, how it’s timed to maximise profits, my ‘rule of three’ that makes selling seamless and what you must never do if you want to sell using content.

I’ll ALSO Reveal What Goes On ‘Behind The Scenes’ That You Could Never Figure Out From Just Reading My Emails Or Other Content.

Although it looks casual I DON’T just send out random content and hope to make sales.

There’s a lot of method behind my apparent madness that is specifically constructed to maximise my conversions, my income and (of VITAL importance) my repeat sales.

This isn’t just about selling.

This is about selling again and again to returning rabid buyers while at the SAME TIME pulling new subscribers into my ethos and priming them to buy.

Let Me Change Things For You Starting RIGHT NOW

Listen up – I can teach you something here that NO OTHER INTERNET MARKETER IS ABLE TO DO – because my emails and content are unique.

You just don’t see emails like mine from any other marketer right?

That’s because what you’re about to learn is unique to this workshop.

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