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Even if you’re new to making money online, allergic to tech, are already in business but want to make more and work less, or just feel overwhelmed
If you’re trading time for money, or simply want more out of your business,
then you’ve SURELY at least considered the possibility of adding a passive income stream to your income by now.
A nagging, lingering thought that there must be a way to make an online business work for you.
Perhaps you’ve even given up hope on getting this to WORK FOR YOU between unfulfilled promises, overwhelm, frustration with technology, “gurus” and course vendors who are in it only to make a quick buck.
Or, if you’re highly aware, perhaps you’ve identified the lack of success due to a murky cocktail of:
​Not wanting to waste time and money on a complex tech setup that’s all but guaranteed to be a headache
​Not knowing what to sell…or who to sell it to
​Feeling overwhelmed by all the information and not knowing where to start
​A preoccupation with email list building, content marketing, or architecting a fancy, million-dollar sales “funnel” complete with upsells, downsells, “tripwires”, “core maximizers”, tranquilizers, etc (ok, maybe no the last one loooool)
Spending money on visitors to a website only to end up with nobody buying from you

Yet despite all of this, the thought of having your online passive income business has never slipped too far down the bottom of your to-do list, because deep down in your entrepreneurial heart, you KNOW that getting a successful online business off the ground is the KEY to achieving your financial goals and FINALLY living that worry-free life you dream, desire and quite frankly, deserve.
And THAT is what I’m going to help you accomplish today.
So even if you think that you’re a bit behind the curve…
…that the opportunity has come and passed…
…that the internet is getting too crowded, too competitve – that attention spans are dwindling – conversions plummeting – that the big players are cornering the marketplace – that advertising costs are skyrocketing. (And you wouldn’t be ENTIRELY wrong on any of these fronts, either.)
Build a highly engaged following that hangs on every value-soaked word that spills from your lips
Architect a simple yet massively profitable online business that allows you to quickly scale up and put your profit-pulling machine on autopilot (Hmm…so that’s WHY all the marketing gurus have been so hot over the last few years about the whole “funnel” thing)
Do MORE of what you love (spending time with your loved ones, contributing to charity, traveling the world) and less of what kills your vibe (continuously having to dodge and second-guess the latest marketing hack, trick or tactic that hits your inbox).
You make sales with ease…without having to pressure your subscribers with scarcity tactics and ninja “influence” tricks
You get a constant stream of fresh, quality leads who know, like and trust you and are ready to buy the high-quality products you recommend to them. All of this without having to develop, deliver or even support any of them or resort to any expensive copywriting or “funnel” hacks or tricks.
You have the peace of mind and confidence of a proven, reliable business model that makes doesn’t tie you in to any specific company, location or time of the day.
It gets even better: affiliate marketing is a business strategy that is very forgiving of mistakes. Why? Because even if you promote a product that doensn’t make many sales, you still have the most valuable asset a business can have – a loyal email subscriber list you can promote more high value products over the weeks, months and years to come.
When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:
LIFETIME, Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™ Access – Access to the 5 module, online Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™ masterclasses. This is a web-based home study curriculum you can watch and implement one week at a time or at your leisure. I will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional affiliate marketer PLUS you will have unlimited, lifetime access to all 5 modules, slide PDFs and audio.
Value – $4,997
6 Months Access to the Monthly, LIVE Affiliate Marketing “What’s Working Now” Q&A Sessions – These are monthly sessions I run personally where you can ask as many questions as you want. I will debunk any and all doubts you may have PLUS you will have unlimited access to all session recordings and mp3 audio versions for you to listen to on the go.
Value – $4,997
Extra Shortcut #1: The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel – this is a very special access link that allows you with a single click to import into your business the exact funnel and pages I have used (and still use) to generate a small fortune online.
This is PERFECT if you’re a total noobie starting from scratch. These are the same pages I’ve been using since 2014 to climb to some of the industry’s top affiliate leaderboards and quickly become Europe’s fastest growing digital nomad entrepreneur.
And if you think you have or know “funnels”, think again…
Funnels have a lot of different ways they can be built and used which are little known…
It’s like buying a car to get from A to B, and then realising later on that there is a hybrid button to save fuel, a central locking system for extra safety, 4 wheel drive for better road traction and automatic parking.
For example, did you know…
…funnels can target your ideal clients even if they have never been to your site or even heard of you?
…funnels allow you to collect people’s contact details for you to follow up with WITHOUT them having to even leave their email address?
…funnels allow you to market to people who have started purchasing a product but haven’t completed the transaction (this is often called “cart abandonment” and can account for up to 90% of lost sales)?
With the Ultimate Affiliate Funnel you get to watch over my shoulder as I guide you through every nook and cranny of the art and science of building wildly profitable affiliate marketing funnels. You avoid wasting hours watching Youtube tutorials, trying to figure out the software etc. so you can focus on what matters – promoting profitable affiliate products.
Value – $1,000
Extra Shortcut #2: The Top Traffic Sources Rolodex and Instant Traffic Action Plan – The right traffic source will outperform any other traffic generation method any day of the week. There are specific websites you should (and should not) be advertising on.
I will hand you over my personal list of traffic sources that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in failed tests to build so you can maximise your return on investment right from the get go and avoid all the mistakes and scams I had to go through. I’ll also show you the step-by-step process that I use to find and negotiate traffic deals from traffic providers (and much more).
Value – $1,000
Fast Track Shortcut #3: Pre-Intensive Kickstarter Training – I realise I am asking a lot for you to invest today and then have to potentially wait weeks for you to complete all the the Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™ modules with life sometimes getting in the, way and to sink into the exciting experience of it all…
I did a fast-track web-based training which you can watch quickly and in your own time. In this quickstart training I show you a simple strategy designed to unlock dormant, pent-up wealth so it flows to you right away (the 80/20 approach to affiliate marketing).
I have a formula that I can show to anybody in 45 minutes, which allows them to put an affiliate funnel in place that can easily make them 5 or 6 figures for most audiences.
In fact, I set up a whole members area for you and you are going to get all sorts of deliverables before you even start the Kickstarter and even after you complete it!
Value – $3,000
VERY LIMITED BONUS: 1-on-1, 30 Min Welcome Call with Myself, Tiz Gambacorta – As soon as you enroll for the Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™ you will be sent a private link to schedule a personal 30 minute consultation with me.
This is where we go through your business goals. I work out your personalized tuition plan so you can get to your goals in the fastest and easiest way possible through the Kickstarter and beyond.
I don’t normally allow people to even book these calls because I don’t really have time to do this anymore but I am going to block out my schedule for AMIK™ students as my way of rewarding you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action.
Why is this a very limited bonus? Because there is only one of me and only so many hours in the day.
Value – Priceless
1-1 UNLIMITED, Lifetime access to Myself, Tiz Gambacorta – At the end our our 1 on 1 Personal Mentoring Session I’m going to give you my personal email address and I’m personally going to provide you with ongoing support so you can ask me any questions, lifetime.
Value – Priceless
AMIK™ Students Only: My Affiliate Fill-In-The-Blanks Engagement and Conversion Email Campaigns (the Covert Selling Formula) – Want to see in action one of the most profitable affiliate email campaigns? I’ve grouped for you all my best email campaigns that generated millions of dollars in sales over the last five years.
(These are not available publicly by the way, and there is a whole strategy behind why this is the case)
These are template affiliate marketing emails you can copy, paste and adapt for your affiliate promotions that follow my time tested, perfected sequence for promoting affiliate products. So no more staring at a blank screen wondering what to write!
Value – Free BONUS
Profit Maximizer Dashboard – For those who enroll in the next 24 hours ONLY.If you enroll within 24 hours you also get 3 months Free beta access to the Profit Maximizer Dashboard. This web-based tool identifies some the top performing traffic sources and products you can promote as an affiliate. Every time I discover a new high converting product or traffic source, the tool will send you an email notification.
Value – $297/quarter
$895 Worth of FREE Advertising Credits – You may be thinking this is expensive, that you need to have a lot of money to spend on advertising to do this and actually, you don’t. You barely need any money, as long as you have just $75 to spend on advertising.
So what I did is went out and selected the best offers with all the major advertising networks and got $875 of FREE advertising credits for everyone who enrolls today to help you get started, all of this for only spending $75 with the networks.
Basically, you have almost $1,000 to start to start building your email subscriber list with, and this is with some of the largest ad networks in the world like Microsoft Bing, Google Adwords, Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple etc…which is AMAZING, right?
Value – $895/quarter
Early Bird Access to the Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™ 2.0 – I’m expanding the Kickstarter early next year as I’m in the process of adding a number of modules. You’ll also have access to the 2.0 version of the program for free when you join today. You’re getting the current one which is AMAZING and you’re also early bird access to the 2.0 version of the Kickstarter when I release it early next year at no extra cost to you.
Value – $2,000
Become part of the Family – perhaps most importantly you get to join the Family with a capital “F”. As my students can confirm, each one of them is part of the Family – Italians are big on their family so you get to join a group of highly talented, highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to serve and we help each other all year long, 24/7 through Facebook and we also get together a few times every year. We share strategies, we analyse each others’ tactics so we can all grow…and have a great time in the process of course!
Value – Priceless
My RESULTS Guarantee – Your investment is protected.
Here’s how the moneyback guarantee works. During the first 30 days after you join, I want you to get your first 500 email subscribers with what I teach you and it doesn’t matter whether it’s with paid or free traffic (just show me that you’ve done something, just to flex your muscles).
Send me a screenshot of the subscriber count and if within 30 days of getting the subscribers you haven’t made your first 10 sales or conversions, I’ll give you your money back.
I know this stuff works so I don’t mind doing that.

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