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The SaaS Masterclass – Learn insider secrets on launching your first SaaS project from an Ex-Googler who reached 10k/MRR with his latest projects.

Join 100’s Who Have Started Their SaaS Journey


After eight years in Silicon Valley and two years trying to make money online there are two types of tech guys

The Virgin Tech Nerd

  • Focused on creating an innovative product
  • Inhales soy when not breathing from mouth
  • Doesn’t care about marketing or driving traffic to a project
  • Handles all the development and refuses to outsource
  • Is trying to be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg

The Chad SaaS Launcher

  • Copies the idea of something that works and applies it to another niche
  • Strictly nose breathes while closing his next joint venture with an influencer
  • Understands the importance of marketing and fixing an audience’s problems
  • Outsources development tasks profitably to focus on educating users
  • Heavy focus on OPSEC and only worried about how much MRR has increased


Because the industry needs more Chad’s and you aren’t going to learn that in Silicon Valley

Just to be clear this is not your average college computer science course. This is a course built by someone with real experience. Someone with skin in the game – that can assure you…

  • You don’t need VC funding to make your own tech startup
  • You don’t need a bunch of employees
  • You don’t need millions in capital
  • You don’t need to be a tech genius
  • You don’t need to be technical

Course Content

1- SaaS 101 & Common SaaS Myths

An introduction for absolute SaaS beginners. As well as the reality of how to make a successful SaaS and the lies Silicon Valley tells you.

2 – The Best Resources & Launch Essentials

Sharing the useful resources I used to make my SaaS products quickly and efficiently. As well as the essentials for your first launch.

3 – Effective Hiring Skills

Learn the hiring secrets I have used to build a fully functioning SaaS product for 1/5th of the price of the industry standard ($5K instead of $25k).

4 – Finding Business Partners

Learn the secrets to finding the perfect person to team up with and launch your SaaS whether you’re technical or not – you can find the right fit.

5 – Learn the Best Tech Stack

As beginners the hardest thing to figure out is learning what to learn. I will outline the perfect tech stack for you to focus your early efforts on.

6 – SaaS Ideas & Roadmap

Suggesting some of the best ideas for a future SaaS product as well as a step by step roadmap to help you on your way to creating your first product.

7 – Reviewing Other Successful SaaS Products

I will review successful SaaS companies as well as some of my own personal successes so you can see exactly where I went wrong and what I did right.

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