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The Recession-Proof Freelancer Free Download

Learn how to earn well from your freelance writing in bad times or good!

Need to freelance in these hard times? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve done this before — and I’ve got tips.

Greetings from my living room! I’m Seattle freelance writer Carol Tice. I built my own freelance-writing business up until it hit six figures — in the depths of the 2008-’10 recession.

You may be feeling scared right now. I get it. Know that you CAN earn well as a freelancer, even in a recession.

IF you know what to do, to find and keep great freelance clients, when the economy goes nuts.

If you don’t — no worries! I’ve created a fear-busting, confidence-building FREE e-book that reveals exactly how I built a thriving freelance biz in the worst of times. The Recession-Proof Freelancer unpacks those life lessons, and gives you a simple system of key actions you need to take, to earn a freelance living in this uncertain moment.

Maybe you’re just jumping into freelancing now (or were pushed). Or you’re a longtime freelancer worried about how to find and keep good clients in this crazy sitch. Either way, this e-book has practical info and useful resources to help you build your biz and earn well, no matter what.

Includes resources to help you find clients and get hired!

A special section at the end of this book includes 3 of my most popular handouts:

Find Your First Freelance Writing Client With These 7 Pitch Templates
8 Ways to Get Editors’ Emails
18 Free Resources for Finding Better Freelance Writing Clients

The Recession-Proof Freelancer includes everything you need to confidently niche, pitch, and build a thriving freelance biz.
This e-book answers questions including:

What’s the secret of growing freelance income, despite a down economy?
Which industries will do well in the recession?
How can I ask for referrals, given everything that’s happening?
What sort of sites do I need to set up, to appear professional online?
I’m so worried — how can I make it stop, and take action to build my biz?
What’s the easiest way to earn more, as a working freelancer?

Wonder no more — The Recession-Proof Freelancer is packed with useful pitch scripts and on-the-ground advice from my high-earning journey through the last recession.

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