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Service and Client Experience—Month 3 of the 12 Month Startup

What is it that makes clients come back again and again and refer friends and family to you? The answer is simple. It’s the quality of the service and experience you provide.

In this lesson, we’ll go through the eight touchpoints that create a step-by-step system, a momentum of service, from the first contact all the way through to after the shoot. You’ll learn how to make every point of contact with your clients positively memorable, helping them feel seen, heard, and taken care of. When they have this kind of service-oriented experience with you, they will want to come back for more and tell all their friends.

For those ready to elevate their business further, we’ll talk about how to optimize each of the eight client touchpoints, so you can build upon and improve the service you are already providing.

The 12-Month Startup Program is a step-by-step guide for achieving your goals. The program is led by world-renowned photographer and educator Sue Bryce and two of her protégés, your breakthrough coaches, Cat Ford-Coates and Saray Taylor-Roman. Sue, Cat, and Saray have all built six-figure businesses with The Portrait System business model. Even if you are starting with nothing, you can join now and learn everything you need to know to launch a sustainable, successful business.

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