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Fellow Online Entrepreneur,

I’ll ask you for a moment to imagine a Windmill. Let’s imagine that windmill is grinding grain for flour. With that flour we are going to make bread.

Bread feeds the bellies of our family.

In order to make the bread we must take the flour and proper ingredients and follow a recipe for a good hot perfect loaf of bread, every single time.

As long as that Mill cranks out flour and we follow the recipe, we can make the bread.

Ok That’s Great… But What’s The Point?


Flour is the main ingredient in bread just as “cash content” is the main ingredient for an online business.

As long as you are feeding your folks fresh content that leads directly to sales following a proven recipe, you can produce cash.

It is as simple as that.

But the problem is… it’s HARD to come up with content.


Especially stuff people will love and buy from.

Don’t you have to be some kind of expert to churn out piece after piece of info/content that provides value and gets readers to happily pull out their wallet?

Don’t you have to spend endless nights staring at a blank screen because you have no idea what to create or do?

Don’t you have to spend eternities creating lengthy high value content pieces that you pull out of your ass on a daily basis and with no plan to boot just aimlessly posting free content and who knows if it makes money somewhere down the line?

Well, YES…


But not with The Mill.

See it used to be that you had to grind away pumping out tons of “content” on every social network in existence.

It used to be a HUGE chore to come up with ideas for posts, articles, videos, blogs, etc.

You would have to spend a boatload of time determining what is hot in the industry and what people want to consume.

It could take you forever to then figure out how to actually turn all that time and hard work into more than just “brand recognition” and rather into actual money.

And that is where The MiLL comes into play and changes everything.

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