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Josh Braun – The Badass B2B Growth Guide

1,289 people have invested in the Badass Guide.

See the cold cold email
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“The anxiety of making cold calls is eliminated.”

What to Say When a Prospect Ghosts You – Play CC:11

Aaron Hodes on what’s changed for the better after investing in the Badass B2B Growth Guide

What changed for the better after investing in the Growth Guide?

Julian on what’s changed for the better after investing in the Growth Guide

Joe Wendland

I asked Joe what changed for the better after investing in the Badass B2B Growth Guide. Here’s what he said:

Sam, Account Executive

“The Badass B2B Growth Guide was the best purchase I made in 2019.”

Yash Sampat, Account Executive

“Since I bought your course I’ve been hitting quota consistently. I bought myself a new Audi – all the commission I earned. ”

Your Instructor

Josh Braun

I teach people how to sell -out selling their soul. It’s as simple as that.

Course Curriculum

The Foundation

  •  StartPlay F1: Know Your Market
  •  StartPlay F2: Having a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  •  StartPlay F3: Don’t Be a Debbie Downer
  •  StartPlay F4: How to Elegantly Explain What You Do
  •  StartPlay F5: Ditch the Pitch
  •  StartPlay F6: Starting Conversations – Strangers
  •  StartPlay F7: Don’t Exceed Your Prospect’s Speed Limit
  •  StartPlay F8: Solutions Disguised as Problems
  •  StartPlay F9: How to Explain What You Do in a Cold Email in One Sentence
  •  StartPlay F10: How to Start Conversations – People Who Aren’t Buying
  •  StartPlay F11: Go for No
  •  StartPlay F12: Deposits & -drawals

Know Your Prospect’s Motivators

  •  StartPlay PM1: Your Market’s Motivations
  •  StartPlay PM2: Fireballs vs. Flowers
  •  StartPlay PM3: How to Become An Insider
  •  StartPlay PM4: How to Get Your Prospect’s Secret Buying Language using Jobs-to-Be Done
  •  StartPlay PM5: Jobs to Be Done Interview Guide
  •  StartPlay PM6: Example of a Jobs-to-Be-Done Interview
  •  StartPlay PM7: The Lingo Library
  •  StartPlay PM8: How to Be More Interesting to Prospects
  •  StartPlay PM9: How to Stay Top of Mind When Prospects Aren’t Motivated Right Now?
  •  StartPlay PM10: How to Get the CFOs to Buy In
  •  StartPlay PM11: A Shortcut for Building Credibility and Trust

Outsourcing List Building

  •  StartPlay LB1: Getting Started
  •  StartPlay LB2: Defining Your Targeting Parameters Using Sales Navigator
  •  StartPlay LB3: The Specific Oversees Researcher I Recommend
  •  StartPlay LB4: Example of a Lead List You’ll Get Back

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