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Imagine How 1 Bumper Sticker Could Make Over $55,000 In Just 9 Months How Big The Opportunity Is!
Why Should You Be So Excited? Because At The End Of This Letter You’ll Be Given The Chance To Win This Husky Pendant Business -100% Handed To You If You Take Our Challenge Which I’ll Get To Later On…

How Do We Take Our Own Sales We Test Out For Only $10 Or Less Into $88,039 In Sales On Just 1 Of Our Products? Well Its A System, A System So Easy We Took A Complete Newbie From Never Making A Sale To Sales In His First Day.

And He Didn’t Have To Learn 1,000,000 Things Or Risk $1,000’s Of Dollars!!!

It’s Not Just His Success, But The Success Of An Army Of People Getting Instant Results With A System So Step-by-Step Easy The Results Practically Happen By Themselves.

The truth is, you’ve been lied to. Making money selling physical products either on your own site or Amazon has been difficult, over-priced, and almost impossible for ordinary people to do.

You have to buy over-priced products, risk your life savings, and hope and pray things work out.


So Crazy It Allows Us To Take A New Product To Full-Time Income In Under A Month.

So we built a smarter system, a system around doing things incredibly simple with micro-goals that are incredible simple to reach and easier to scale.

What we did was combine how to start and scale a business and aligned it with the POWER of Amazon & EBay to get maximum results with minimal investment.

100% Outsourced With Our Neighbors Son Doing The Work!
Why Gamble & Guess When You Can Validate Your Idea For Under The Cost Of A Pizza?

Its Like Having An X-Ray Into Future Before You Waste Countless Hours & Dollars!

Every other method out there is just too crazy for it to make sense and especially with their bloated prices for their products and their even more expensive methodology or trying to make the idea work.
Learning Without Action Is Not Enough!

We created not only a system but implementation system to keep you focused on 1 task at a time until you do it and start to succeed before getting confused with shiny objects and information overload.

In Week 1 You’ll See If Your Idea Works For Under $10 & Build A List At The Same Time
In Week 2 We Get You To Make A World Class Shopify Site With Some Of The Big Wigs At Shopify And They’ll Show You All The Best Ways To Make A Store That Converts
Week 3 Is Turning Up The Traffic Spigot To Unleash A Stream Of New Sales & Leads
In Week 4 Is Creating Funnels That Increase Profitable Exponentially
Week 5 Is Where We Rip Open The Sales With Amazon & Ebay To Make Sales Literally Explode Through The Roof… We Make Amazon Become An Explosion Of Instant Sales
Week 6 Is Fun As We Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Beast
With Some Killer Exclusive, In-House Tools No One Has Ever Seen Before
You Basically Learn Everything & More In The Amazing Selling Machine In Week 5.
While Making A Rock-Solid Foundation And Minimize Risk So You Never Go Broke And Think You’re A Loser And You’re Not A Loser!
You Just Need The Right Roadmap To Make Winning Really Easy & Simple Without Destroying Your Future With Easy-To-Follow Step-by-Step Roadmap.

Learn The Ultimate Secret that Allows You To Test Physical World Products for Only $10 to Scale to 6 Figures Fast!

6 Figure Store Live Training covers how to build a 6 figure store using Shopify that you can then roll out into Amazon.

The primary reason they do this is because you dont control the order process at Amazon and can be shut out at any time.

They build out a store live start to finish so you can see everything.

Course is broken into 6 Sections

Section 1 Validation finding a product and how to validate it quickly.
Section 2 Setting up your store using Shopify and Shopify themselves are going to teach it no hacks, the real guys who run the company.
Section 3 Fast Traffic how to traffic to your store fast, FB
Section 4 Physical Product Micro Funnel how to flesh out a longer term business with listbuilding (prospect and customer)
Section 5 WA Well Rounded Store- fleshing out your store for maximal income
Section 6 Other Channels Ebay, Amazon FBA (get more mileage out of what youre already selling)

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