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About the course: 

Yoni Yoga – Discover the Power of the Yoni Egg and Awaken Your Erotic Nature and Orgasmic Aliveness.

Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari reveals Yoni Yoga: A sacred 5 week online journey into your liberated sexuality through mastery of the Jade Egg practice

What you will get out of this journey

This course is for women who want to to feel a deep connection with their erotic selves. It’s for women who want to strengthen their Yoni and pelvic floor. It’s for women who want to go deeper into their sexuality and experience powerful life changing orgasms.

It’s for women who want to harmonise their hormones and have lighter menstruation or a smoother transition into menopause. It’s for women who want to increase their vitality and longevity. It’s for women who want to be in tune with their femininity. It’s for women who want to discover their own sacredness.

You will be taken on an empowering journey:

  • Learn everything about the Yoni Egg practice
  • Learn magical secrets of your erotic nature
  • Heal past trauma that is stored in your vagina and holding you back sexually and in your life
  • Perform energetic purification of the Yoni
  • Overcome numbness of the vagina, shame and discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure deeply, alone and with a partner
  • Get to know and work on all the reflexology zones in the Yoni
  • Make your breasts more sensitive and beautiful
  • Learn how to have breast-gasms
  • Perform different variations of breast massage
  • Breathe from your ovaries and uterus
  • Get to know the anatomy of feminine arousal
  • Develop a profound relationship with your Yoni
  • Learn how to use the Yoni Egg for your orgasmic expansion
  • Dive deeper into your feminine core
  • Discover and connect with your own sacredness

For the erotic you:

  • Feel aligned with your erotic nature
  • Learn to claim your sexuality and heal traumas
  • Feel connected to yourself

For the orgasmic you:

  • Have deep ecstatic orgasms
  • As well as breast-gasms
  • Give amazing pleasure to your partner with your vaginal muscles alone

For the sacred you:

  • Learn how to create a sacred space
  • Come into alignment with your true self

For the powerful you:

  • Feel confident as a woman
  • Feel energised on all levels
  • Boost or harmonise your sex drive
  • Work on reflexology zones in the vagina

For the feminine you:

  • Learn to embody your feminine side in daily life
  • Feel the intuition of your Yoni
  • Discover the part of you that knows surrender

Explore The Course Curriculum​

Week 1: I am Erotic

  • Eros Is Not What You Do, but the Space You Enter
  • Yoni: Get to Know Her
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Foundation
  • Yoni Egg: Foundation

Week 2: I am Powerful

  • Step into Your Power – Own Your Sexuality
  • Sexual Healing
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Expansion
  • Energetic Purification of the Yoni
  • Ovarian Breathing

Week 3: I am Orgasmic

  • Orgasmic Expansion
  • Self-pleasure as a Gateway to Yourself
  • Breast-gasm
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Sitting

Week 4: I am Feminine

  • The Feminine Core
  • Anatomy of Feminine Arousal
  • Create Your Altar
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Standing

Week 5: I am Sacred

  • See Divine Within
  • What’s Next?
  • Yoni Egg: Integral
  • +Bonus

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