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Social Stir – What You Wish They Told You About Marketing + OTO’s Download

How To Leverage The ‘Power of The Crowd’ to Unleash Your Marketing Machine…

Whether it’s politics, business, or socially… the ‘Power of the Crowd’ influences us just as strong as the relentless peer pressure teenagers experience.

We’re influenced by what “appears” to be HOT, IN, POPULAR… or the “right thing to do.”

Sometimes this can lead to downright stupid and dangerous behavior like the Tide Pod Challenge. ☺


You and your clients can finally get consistent results with paid ads on a shoe string budget!

You’ve probably heard that Facebook advertising has changed, making it harder and more expensive for marketers…

I call BS.

In fact, advertising on Facebook today is easier than ever before.

When you deploy my three step Social Stir Strategy; you’ll start to see the results almost instantly! Most of my ads and my students saw a dramatic increase in engagement and clicks within a few hours.

It doesn’t make a difference if this your first time running ads or you are a seasoned veteran that wants to turbo charge and scale your offer. Social Stir Ads could be just the missing link to you’ve been looking for.

Let me introduce you to…

The “Secret Sauce” to Get More Engagement From People Ready To Take Action… 


Here’s how it works. You’ve browsed the fan/business pages on Facebook.

I’m sure you’ve seen those posts with hardly any likes, shares or comments.

The lack of activity on those posts could influence a potential prospect to take action or even worse, NOT take action on whatever is being offered.

A lot of engagement on a post or ad starts the engine for more activity…

Here is the undeniable hard cold truth…

More reactions to the post leads to more clicks, more leads and more sales.

Here’s Why

Reason #1. It’s human nature and psychology. You learned about Cialdini and his research. That gets things started. 

Reason #2 is Facebook. The Facebook algorithm is designed to show people what is popular. When Facebook sees that something you or one of your clients posts using the Social Stir Strategy, the algorithm goes to work! 

As more and more people engage, the algorithm says, ‘Hey. It looks like this is something a lot of people are enjoying, Let’s show it to more people!’

But here’s the best part! Unlike traditional ads that can blow through hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day…most of the social stir ads are going to cost pennies! You can get started for only $5 per day!

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