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SO FX – Forex Educational Course Download

Class Curriculum
Introduction to Forex
– Introduction to the Forex Market

Price Expressions
– Price Expressions
– Price Expressions – Price Action – Candlesticks
– Price Expressions – Time Frames

Technical Analysis
– Technical Analysis

Support & Resistance
– Support & Resistance

Trend Lines & Cycles
– Trend Lines and Cycles

– Market Pulses : Cylces

Moving Averages
– Moving Averages

RSI – Relative Strength Index & Stochastic
– Indicators – RSI & Stochastic

Price Action Candles
– Price Action – Candlesticks
– Price Action Candlesticks – Bullish
– Price Action Candlesticks – Bearish
– Price Action – Candlesticks – Indecsion
– Price Action – Candlesticks with Support
– Price Action – Candlesticks – with Resistance

Higher Time Frame
– Higher Time Frame Correlation
– Higher Time Frame Correlation – Hidden Obstacles

Trade Sizing
– Trade Sizing

Reward to Risk
– Reward to Risk

Trading the News
– Trading the News – Understanding the Impact

Intraday Strategy
– Core Strategy – Intraday
– Intraday Set up

End of Day Strategy
– End of Day Strategy
– End of Day Set up

Trading Notes
– Trading Notes

How to use Trading View
– How to use Trading View

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