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What is the Google Ads Mastery Course?

The Google Ads Mastery program is a course based upon my learnings of the past 3 years solely with Google Ads.

Not only does it showcase the ACTUAL Shopify store which did $1,500,000, but it also contains the extra strategies and techniques I used to get from doing a couple hundred $ per day to thousands per day with consistency.

My journey from Zero to Hero

After doing over $500,000 in sales on my main niche store via Facebook Ads, I was greeted by one heart-stopping message during one of the cold November days which said:

“This ad account, its ads, and some of the advertising assets are disabled. You can’t use it to run ads.”

And thus began my journey which led me to doing over $1,500,000 in sales within a period of 1.5 years.

What You Will Learn

  • Full Website Setup Optimized To Get Sales Via Google Ads
  • Complete Backend Setup (Apps, E-mail Flows, SMS Remarketing)
  • Product Selection Criteria For Merchant Center Approval
  • Multiple New & Working Product Selection Strategies
  • Step By Step Google Shopping Ads Setup
  • Search Ads Creation & Optimization From Scratch
  • Proven Scaling Techniques On Multiple Ad Platforms
  • Advanced Customer Service Setup

Full Course Breakdown

Section 1: Full On Introduction To Google Ads & Mindset Training – Section designed to get you into the right thinking space for maximum success.

Section 2: Website Creation & Setup – All about creating the perfect website optimized for Google Ads.

Section 3: Back End Setup – Having all of the apps, e-mail flows, and SMS flows setup for a strong foundation.

Section 4: Product Selection – Everything you need to know about getting approved and finding winners.

Section 5: Complete Shopping Ads Setup – From campaign creation to product page setup, everything is covered.
Section 6: Search Ads Training – Find out how to master the art of creating perfect text based search ads.

Section 7: Scaling 101 – A mixture of multiple scaling tactics all designed by me through experience.

Section 8: Basic Customer Service Setup – Covers the entire foundation of proper customer service setup for long term success.

Section 9: Case Study – A full on case study of my main winning general store.

Section 10: Final Thoughts – Talk about how to keep the success going on long term.

Who’s This Course For?

People With Little To No eCom Knowledge
Know absolutely NOTHING about Shopify or Google Ads? This course starts right from the beginning and goes step by step through everything. No experience needed.

Established eCom Stores Owners
Already have something that’s working? This Google Ads course will help take your store to the 6 and 7 figure levels.

Branded Store Owners
Fall under that special category of eCom store owners that have a branded store or that do $1M+? The Google Ads Mastery course will provide proven scaling techniques to help you get to the multi 7 figure level.

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