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The only thing between you and a next-level launch that creates BIG-picture profit in your business, is understanding how to build and execute.
Because you know your expertise is worth way more than you’ve generated in the past. So slip on your CEO socks and get your bank account ready—Live Launch Academy is taking you from mini (or major) meltdown to I never knew this was possible.
Warning: This isn’t a Cash Vacation—we’re not stopping at one cash infusion—welcome to your new normal, where we revolutionize your biz and make $20k base months feel like home.
You’re meant for more
Let’s get real for a second — all launches are not created equal. Your content can be out-of-this-world epic, guaranteed to transform lives, and it’s still only crickets in your account.
Sound familiar?
You might be thinking, “I’m never launching anything again—I’ll stick with my 1-on-1 offers where I know I can make money.”
It’s time for some tough love from your Biz Big Sister—you’re thinking too small. You’re giving up before the game gets good. You’re limiting yourself to the tools in your current toolbox instead of heading to the hardware store and investing in what it takes to become the CEO of your business, and life.
Don’t believe me? How many of these hit you in the feels?
• You know you’ve got the expertise to absolutely blow your audience away—you’re just not sure how to deliver it (SOS need a launch GPS)
• You’re ready to offer an elevated experience that transforms lives, but you’re tired of working endless hours (and losing your sanity) in the process
• You want to move from “time-for-dollars” to “passive income CEO”
• You have PTSD from past launches and are *fingers crossed* next time goes differently (PSA: it CAN go differently—but only if YOU do things differently)
• You crave consistent cash infusion (and you’re willing to do what it takes to get there)
If it felt like I was reading your mind or snooping in your diary, it’s because I see you—like really see you. And I’m holding out the one resource that can make all of that a thing of the past—all you have to do is take it.
“Sounds good Shan, but everyone and their mother says they can help me sell out a launch. Why you?”
Coming with the hard-hitting questions today, huh? Good. You should!
I don’t invest in just any coach or program and neither should you.
Luckily, Live Launch Academy isn’t just another launch course. And I’m not just another launch coach. Circle around, it’s time for a full-fledged heart-to-heart, business style.
Full transparency: There are other launch courses out there. Some might even help you wrangle in a few thousand dollars, but none of them (zip zero) give you the necessary tools, resources, and guides to go beyond a killer launch and continuously bring in $20k+ months.
Live Launch Academy takes a unique approach
where most others say “This is what I do—replicate me” I say “These are the stone cold facts, numbers, and strategies that have proven successful on multiple occasions—and here’s how to apply them to your individual launch.”
And then we turn it up another notch
providing done-for-you content to make your life insanely easier and connecting you with a community of experts to provide continued support along the way.
Everything (and I mean everything) has a purpose and a place
You’re not learning maybes, you’re creating your own guaranteed success with the guidance of someone who meticulously studied the rules—then wrote her own.

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