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How Come Everybody Else Is Getting It?
It seems like everywhere you turn everybody is making money on Amazon.

Except you aren’t part of that everybody.

You know you want to sell on Amazon.

You even know that it is the single best opportunity for anybody alive right now to create a real business.

But everybody wants $5,000 to teach you how to do it.

And then you’re told you need another $5,000 for inventory.

Instead, you slave away at your job. I would say it’s Mon-Fri from 9-5 but nowadays its usually M-F from 8-6 or 7. And Most Saturdays too!

You barely have enough to pay bills. Forget taking a vacation.

And if you did, you’re now drowning in debt and have to “catch up” from all the work you missed.

Did I mention the car payment and the mortgage that’s getting out of hand?

What about health care costs and saving for your kids college? Forget it.

Life doesn’t have to be like this. Not for you.

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