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Sean Vosler – Online Jumpstart Download

Online Jumpstart gives you a quick and easy process to get started selling online. This course takes you from no website to selling an online product or service, all using tools that are easy to attain and easy to learn. Learn it all from the “WordPress Guy” himself, Sean Vosler. After completing this course, you’ll have a fully functional marketing funnel to help grow your online business!

You will learn:

The ins and outs of setting up your first website, quickly and easily
How to create awesome website content that sells
A step-by-step guide for building your first marketing funnel
Example campaigns on how to sell anything online
Simple first steps you can take to generate traffic


Introduction – Internet Marketing 101 – Getting Online

Introduction – Length: 02:05

Module One – Pre-Production: Selecting and Setting Up the Right Tools

Getting started online – Tools & first steps – Length: 07:31
Planning your website – Length: 05:17
Content development: Understanding why customers buy – Length: 18:17
Content development: The best way to sell online – Length: 08:01
Content development: The basics of copywriting – Length: 10:28
Content development: Selling with your blog – Length: 05:10
Providing value to generate leads – Length: 06:17
Final steps before building your website – Length: 10:44

Module Two – Production: Getting to Know WordPress Inside and Out

Overview – getting to know WordPress – Length: 09:57
Setting up WordPress on your domain name & Hosting – Even if They’re on Separate Accounts – Length: 19:42
Inside the WordPress admin area – Setting up your blog – Length: 14:16
How to use categories to organize your blog – Length: 09:29
Working with pages, the Media Manager, and comments – Length: 11:54

Module Three – Production: Customizing The Look & Feel of Your WordPress Site

Understanding Themes and Appearance Settings – Length: 15:45
What are Widgets & How To Use Them Effectively – Length: 10:05
Understanding the WordPress menu – Length: 07:09
How to install & manage Plugins – Length: 02:04
The WordPress Settings Menu – Length: 09:57
Advanced Themes – How you can build a site like Amazing.com – Length: 06:20
From basic to amazing with pro WordPress Themes – Length: 09:30
Working with Theme Options & Menus – Length: 10:32
Advanced Theme Settings & taking the site live – Length: 17:48
How to select & learn new Themes – Length: 03:01

Module Four – Production: Building Lead Generation Tools

Why you need to capture leads – Length: 05:51
Lead Capture Toolset – Length: 09:02
How to learn new tools & why it’s important to consult documentation – Length: 03:24
Why OptimizePress 2.0 & how to set it up – Length: 04:48
Selecting an Email Marketing System & how to set up Mailchimp – Length: 09:40
Creating a Lead Capture on your blog – Length: 06:52
Building your first Lead Capture page – Length: 13:14
Automating email marketing settings overview – Length: 05:17

Module Five – Production: Building Sales Generation Tools

Basics of selling online with Payment Systems & Affiliates – Length: 14:51
Easy selling: How to sell directly with PayPal – Length: 08:07
Working with Merchant Systems & setting up your first product – Length: 11:19
Integrating your product with your sales pages – Length: 19:10
The Big Picture – Understanding what we’ve just built – Length: 08:37
Next Steps – Finalizing your funnel & content – Length: 10:39

Module Six – Post-Production: Managing Your Online Presence

Your Hosting cPanel in depth – Length: 08:28
Setting up an email account from your domain name with Gmail – Length: 06:44
How to use FTP with your Hosting – Length: 04:36
Security & backing up your site regularly – Length: 05:20
Basics of CSS – Length: 04:52
Basics of HTML – Length: 03:10
Social Media integration – Length: 06:58
Video Hosting options – Length: 03:03

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