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I’ve never made an offer, like I’m about to make you. 

I came across the 7-day cash campaign in 2013, in a weird way, completely by mistake.
See, I’ve never shared this campaign with anyone besides those Entrepreneurs I’ve mentored. Most of the time, I would share this with them, first when I work with them.
It would allow them to generate a bunch of new revenue (and high profit) so they could re-invest in their business and execute on what I would tell them to do.

Those people pay me anywhere from $60,000 – $250,000 to have them mentor me.
Obviously, this is just 1 small strategy…

However, it is the #1 strategy that works for generating money in your online business.

How does the 7-day cash campaign work? 

Inside of the action-packed, no fluff training… I show you…

  • What type of 7-day campaign will work for you…
  • What type of campaign to focus on…
  • What you need to do based on that campaign and how to manage your marketing and sales based on the campaign…
  • What to do if you have an audience to generate more sales…
  • How to realign your audience for a very specific cash-based offer
  • How to re-develop your offer, quickly and effectively and within just a couple of hours
  • How to write social media posts on Instagram and Facebook for success with your cash campaign
  • How to run a few specific omnipresence ads to your existing audience to generate sales, more phone calls and more messages
  • How to use a simple Google document (like this one) to sell, without needing a funnel, landing page, lead magnet or anything else.
  • How I’ve used this campaign to generate over $1 million dollars and how I’ve helped others (with a couple use-case examples)
  • How to write emails to your email list (no matter the size) in this 7-day audience campaign
  • How to get people to pay you upfront, so you can use the money right now
  • How to use story-selling in order to allow people to say yes to your irresistible offer
  • How to go to your customers and generate more sales, allowing you to increase your lifetime value.
  • How to structure your finances and the proper way to repay debt or use credit (if you need to do this)
  • How to use Facebook Groups (if you have one) in order to generate revenue

Sales Page: https://scottoldford.com/

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