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I’ve been helping top eCommerce brands with their TikTok media buying and ad creative strategies since April 2020. I have quickly established myself as one of the most sought-after experts for TikTok advertising. The Social Savannah is an official TikTok Agency Partner.

⇒ Learn From The Top eCommerce TikTok Media Buyer
My TikTok Ads strategies has been featured in the official TikTok For Business social channels. I have built my Twitter and Instagram following off of sharing my TikTok ad tips and tricks!

Brands I have worked with for TikTok media buying and/or creatives: BlendJet, Casely, Fabletics, Fernish, Gainful, Jones Road, Lalabu, Our Place, Outer Aisle, Perfy, Popsa, Miracle Sheets, Skinny Mixes, Snow Teeth Whitening, Sugar Bear Hair, Teema Towels, The Essence Vault, Topicals, Thrive Market, Wandering Bear, Verb + more.

♦ Course Structure

Ads Manager Walk-Throughs
Calculator Tutorials
Whiteboard Sessions
Fireside Chats
Editing Tutorials
♦ Contents

What to expect in this course.
How the iOS14.5 change in April 2021 had an effect on paid social advertising & why advertising on TikTok is the best platform for advertisers in 2022.
Which industries/products perform the best on TikTok ads.
Course Introduction
1 min
Why Advertise On TikTok?
3 mins
Which Industries Perform Best On TikTok?
6 mins
Determining Budgets & Seasoning The Pixel
The most important step to seeing great results with your TikTok ads.
Explaining the funnel and where to start to get the best-seasoned pixel.
Introduction to the “Rule of 50.”
See how much budget you need to optimize lower-level funnel events.
How much budget do you need to get out of the learning phase.
How long it will take you to optimize for each event in the funnel.
My proven formula to determine the best TikTok daily budget based on your metrics
Sharing tricks and tips to help with your ad conversion rate.
Cost per add to cart/initiate checkout/purchase estimator
Weekly metrics calculator.
Take a look at the pixel events firing in some of my TikTok ad accounts.
I show you how to get into your analytics for Ads Manager.
Learn how to tell if your events are firing properly.
How To Season The Pixel
6 mins
Determining Your Budget
23 mins
Calculator For Seasoning The Pixel & Determining Budgets
32 mins
Analyzing Conversion Events in TikTok Ads Manager
8 mins
Account Structure & Building In Ads Manager
My simple but very effective TikTok ads set-up.
See how I use my Google Sheet calculator to structure my campaigns and how that structure evolves over time.
Launching your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
Setting up the TikTok Pixel
Tips and tricks on how to best set up your ad sets.
How many ad sets and ads to have live at one time.
How to utilize interest stacks + targeting expansion.
Introduction to lookalike audiences.
Learn a secret tool I use when switching from add to cart to initiate checkout.
How long to run your ad sets.
Should you have all of your spark ads in one place?
Should you delete ads that have already run?
How many ads can you have per ad set?
Are retargeting ads on TikTok effective?
Can you run TikTok ad campaigns for organic follower growth?
How I would set up a brand new eCommerce account on TikTok
Recommendations for: audiences to start with, number or creatives, conversion best practices.
Should you do campaign budget optimization?
How to name your ad groups.
For placements should you choose TikTok, Buzzfeed, Pangle, or all three?
Is keeping user comments enabled helpful?
Should you allow users to be able to download your ads?
What is automated creative optimization?
Which audiences to target?
Should you add in recommended interests from Tik Tok?
How often to check your ad sets?
Should you add in behavioral targeting?
What picture and handle to use for your custom identity.
Single ads vs. collection ads.
What to put as your ad captions.
Is broad or narrow targeting the best route to go?
Should you target users under 25?
Male or female targeting or both?
How to create the best lookalike audiences and what that means.
See how simple it is to create your first lookalike and custom audiences.
Default TikTok Account Structure
16 mins
The Ideal Account Structure And How It Evolves Over Time
32 mins
Setting Up The TikTok Pixel
5 mins
Watch Me Build A New Campaign
28 mins
The Best Audiences To Target
2 mins
How To Build Custom & Lookalike Audiences
4 mins
How To Launch An Ad Campaign To Grow TikTok Followers
5 mins
How To Moderate TikTok Ad Comments
4 mins
Optimizing & Scaling
How to interpret the data in your TikTok ads manager.
What metrics do I care about? Cost per click? CPA? Click-Through Rate?
Order of importance of metrics on how to know if your ad is performing well.
What your TikTok ROAS means.
What metrics should I expect?
Deep dive into metrics and which are the best to evaluate how I am reaching my target audience.
What is a good CPM?
What is the source of truth for TikTok ad performance?
Should I use Google Analytics to measure TikTok ad performance?
Which bidding strategy is the most effective?
Learn the number one reason why TikTok stops spending your budget.
Will limitations on the audience selection/bidding help or hinder reaching your daily ad budget?
Should you go back to add-to-cart optimization?
How much money does your ad need to spend before you kill it?
Should you kill an entire ad set?
Tips and tricks like make your existing ads perform even better
How to use your old creatives as a basis for new winning ads.
Interpreting Data & Scaling
43 mins
Lowest Cost vs. Value Optimization
3 mins
How To Set Up Value Optimization
3 mins
Should I Use Campaign Budget Optimization?
2 mins
What To Do If Ad Sets Stop Spending
3 mins
When To Kill An Ad / Ad Set
4 mins
Your Have A Winning Ad! What To Do Next?
3 mins
Attribution & Reporting
What 3rd party tools do I use to measure TikTok ad performance
How TikTok measures attribution in their dashboard
Changes on the horizon to TikTok’s attribution
Post-purchase survey attribution with Enquire
Server-side tracking attribution
How to attribute TikTok sales in TripleWhale
How to do TikTok reporting in TripleWhale
How to create reports in TikTok Ads Manager
How To Measure TikTok Performance
13 mins
Post-Purchase Survey Attribution with Enquire
12 mins
Attribution & Reporting with TripleWhale
23 mins
Running Reports in TikTok Ads Manager
3 mins
TikTok Ad Creatives
All of my tips and tricks for shooting great TikTok ads
Ad creative do’s and don’ts
High-performing TikTok ad formulas
Hooks you can test for your TikTok ads
What tools and software do I use to edit
How to film TikTok ad UGC
Launching new creatives in your ad account
How to do creative testing in TikTok ads manager
How to select music for your ads and libraries I rely on
How to get inspired for your TikTok ad creative
What to put as your ad caption
TikTok Ad Creative Best Practices
7 mins
How To Film & Edit for TikTok Ads
38 mins
Ad Creative Hooks You Need To Test
24 mins
Launching New Creative In Your Ad Account
2 mins
How To Go About Creative Testing
5 mins
Selecting Music for TikTok Ads
3 mins
Learning From The Top Brands on TikTok
4 mins
Ad Creative Do’s and Don’ts
4 mins
Captions For Your TikTok Ads
2 mins
Ad Creative Tutorials
How I edit TikTok ad creatives using the CapCut app
How I edit TikTok ad creatives using Instagram Reels
Tips for the models that are staring in the ads
How to shoot and frame TikTok ads
Selecting the right environment for filming TikTok ads
TikTok Ad Editing Tutorial in CapCut & Reels
6 mins
How To Utilize Native TikTok Effects
2 mins
TikTok Ads Filming Tips: The Framing
2 mins
TikTok Ads Filming Tips: The Environment
3 mins
TikTok Ads Filming Tips: The Model
1 min
Working With TikTok Creators
My process for selecting TikTok ad creators
Ranges for what TikTok ad creators charge
How I search for new creators and what I look for
3rd party platforms I use to source creators
Introduction to #paid and the TikTok Creator Marketplace
Guide & Brief for working with TikTok creators
Finding Good Creators, Contacting Them, and Pricing
4 mins
How I Source For Content Creators On #paid
16 mins
Working with TikTok Creators Guide & Brief
13.3 MB
Spark Ads
Introduction to TikTok Spark Ads
How I use Spark Ads in my ad accounts
What the benefits are of spark ads
Running spark ads from the creator account vs the brand account
Instructions for generating the authorization for spark ads
How to launch spark ads in your ad account
What Are Spark Ads & How Do I Utilize Them?
5 mins
How To Launch Spark Ads In Your Ad Account
8 mins

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