[Download] RSD Derek – Ten Commandments of Game Resurrected (2021)

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About the course: 

The Ten Commandments RESURRECTED is built with one reason in mind: TO GET YOU RESULTS

Here’s What You Will Experience When You Get Inside

If you are just beginning your journey:

  • You will gain a complete understanding of what it takes to be great with women, and the precise steps you need to take to get there.
  • You will cultivate the confidence and gain the accountability mechanism you need in order to improve consistently and make REAL progress.
  • You will be able to block out the noise that is free dating advice and direct your focus on the fundamental areas of game that are going to GET YOU RESULTS.

If you are intermediate:

  • You will wipe away any bad habits that you’ve picked up during the early stages of your journey and replace them with rock-solid systems, in turn elevate your game faster than ever before.
  • You will instill champion habits into yourself that will prevent “off” nights and state crashes, ensuring that you are able to pull consistently.
  • You will erase those last few pesky sticking points, and shine a light on what you need to fix to finally break free from “intermediate purgatory” and step into your prime as a man.

If you are already advanced:

  • You will see what ELITE GAME really looks like, this will allow you to assess your current level, and open your eyes to what you need to strive for.
  • You will reignite your passion for the game by sharing superhero stories of bathroom pulls, public sex, and general RSD debauchery.
  • You will discover advanced techniques like orchestrating threesomes and managing multiple long term relationships.

The Moment You Choose To COMMIT To SUCCESS And INVEST In The Ten Commandments of Game, Your Life Will DRAMATICALLY CHANGE…

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