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About the course:

Build Powerful GPTs is a comprehensive, fast-paced course to learn the ins and outs of GPT.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • Master the art of build powerful GPTs: Go from beginner to advanced techniques to configure GPTs to consistently produce the quality responses you want.
  • Equip your GPTs with knowledge: Learn both basic and advanced tricks for using files with GPTs and how to stop them from making stuff up.
  • Step up your game with advanced techniques: Dial in your bot’s personality and behavior with proven techniques that’ll leave you saying, “wow.”
  • Troubleshoot the tricky problems: Resolve complex issues like hallucinations and not following instructions using science-backed tactics.

By the end, you’ll be able to create a team of GPTs that make you better, faster, stronger in areas that move the needle for you.

Meet your GPT guide: Rob Lennon

This course is taught by Rob Lennon of Lennon Labs, one of the world’s top AI educators.

  • 1,300+ hours prompting with AI, starting with GPT-2 in 2019
  • Full-time GPT researcher since Dec 2022
  • 140,000+ followers on 𝕏 and LinkedIn learning practical uses for AI and LLMs
  • 17 years business strategy experience from tech/start-ups, leading both technical and creative projects
  • Self-published author 47 times in both fiction and non-fiction. (Yes, fourty-seven is not a typo. Only 2 books written with the help of AI)

Dubbed “AI Whisperer” by his fans, Rob’s popular AI courses have grossed over $500,000 sales and have been attended by over 4,000 participants.

Sale Page: https://powerfulgpts.com/#more

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