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Are You Tired Of Trying To Squeeze Leads, Sales And An ROI Out Of AdWords?
Discover How To Build Wildly Profitable Google Ad Campaigns And Get A Flood Of New Paying Customers Within The Next 30 Days

Attention Business Owners & Marketers:
Watch these ‘over-the-shoulder’ video tutorials to learn the simple Google Ads set up that allows you to send hordes of hungry customers to you or your client’s business, SKYROCKET revenue, and make the phone ring off the hook – even if you’ve never used it before!

Taught by Rob Andolina, a pay-per-click expert who’s managed $10’s of millions in ad spend for hundreds of local business owners and internet marketing agencies in the past 11 years. (You’ve probably seen his YouTube videos)

Read below to learn the 3 biggest money-wasting mistakes businesses make with Google Ads… and the simple method/set up you can implement to collect MORE leads, get MORE phone calls and transform your Google Ads campaigns almost overnight

What would it mean for your business to land a brand-new, high-paying client this week?
Better yet, what would it mean for your business if that happened today…
And every day like clockwork for the ENTIRE next month?
Imagine you had the power to direct a firehose of high-value leads to your business…
Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is that firehose.
And today, I’m going to show you

How to use Google Ads to generate 50, 150, or even 500+ high-value leads for your business per month – on ALMOST AUTOPILOT
Yep. With the simple set up, I’m about to show you, you can start building a Google Ads campaign that drives quality leads to your business in just a. few hours from now…
Even if you’re a complete beginner with ZERO experience advertising on the internet.
Once the campaign is set up, potential clients searching for your exact service on the Google will click on your ad…
Call your business…

And start paying you to fix their urgent, painful problem…
The best part?
Depending on what business / location you’re in… you can generate anywhere from 50 leads a month for a local business…
To 500+ leads a month for a nationwide business.

Amazing, right?
This Google Ads strategy brings in high-quality phone leads for almost ANY type of business you can think of
Law Firms
Insurance agents
Limo and Party Bus companies
Tree Removal services
Lawn care
Pest Removal
Deck Building
Foundation Repair

It also works for services like Holistic Healing or Testosterone replacement, etc…
And even high ticket businesses like Business Brokers or Yacht/Jet Sales.
OR any other type of local business that lives and dies by getting the phone to ring.
Just imagine what a huge influx of new paying clients like this could do for your business…
The truth is,

Google Ads is the single most powerful tool for making any business EXPLODE in profit
There’s no other marketing tool more powerful to get the phone to ring…NOW!
Think about it.
What’s the first thing you do when you need to solve a problem?
You ask Google. So do I. And so do your potential clients that desperately need what you offer…
Hundreds of thousands of them are searching for your exact service, hour by hour, every single day…
…Credit card in hand READY to pay you to solve their problems.
It’s a pouring river of gold. All you have to do is stick your bucket in it.
And as you know, new leads are the lifeblood of any business.
The more clients you have paying you, the more money you’ll make… the higher your rates can go… and the more successful your business will be.
THAT’S the power of Google Ads.
The only reason other businesses aren’t taking advantage of it is they don’t know how.
Google Ads is complicated. Today, I’m here to simplify it for you.
I’m going to reveal to you

The 3 most common mistakes business owners make that send their Google Ads spend costs through the roof
All 3 of these mistakes are easy to spot and fix. I’ll show you how in just a moment…
Then, I’ll show you exactly how YOU can start using Google Ads immediately to send leads to your business or your clients’s business (If you’re an agency owner).
Hi, I’m Rob, Founder of the Google Ads agency, Clicks Geek, as well as Founder of My PPC Training.

Since 2007, I’ve worked deep in Google Ads campaigns for client’s. In that time I’ve managed $60+ million in ad spend. I currently work with over 127 clients. Our client’s love us because, we’re the guys that keep their phones ringing off the hook by exclusively using Google Ads.
I’ve spent 11 years learning everything I can about Google Ads.
And I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you succeed in their businesses with Google Adwords.
I’ve seen over and over again the power of this marketing tool to transform a business nearly overnight.
And today, I want to hand this power over to you.
You’ll have the power to create a consistent flow of customers who are hungry to pay for your services

Here’s my promise to you:
With this Google Ads training, you’ll be able to consistently generate a steady stream of paying clients for you or your client’s business
Even if you’ve never used Google Ads before – no technical jargon. Just a step-by-step blueprint in plain English. I walk you by the hand through
every step.
Even if your last campaign took off, only to tank weeks or months later. I’ll show you what went wrong (and how to diagnosis the problem yourself).
Even if you don’t have a massive budget to figure it out. This method has already proven to work by hundreds of business owners before you.
Sound good?
Let’s begin with:
The 3 BIGGEST mistakes business owners make with Google Ads

Mistake #1: Trusting Google to help
I’ll admit it. Google Ads are complicated. It’s like Google wants you to be confused. And for good reason.
You see, when you call your Google Search Expert he’s not actually an expert. He’s an account executive in a cubicle who is only familiar with the basics of Google Ads. The more you spend on Ads–no matter how many leads they generate–Google wins regardless.
Put simply, asking Google for help with Ads is like asking a fox to guard your hen house.
He’s going to eat YOUR lunch!
But that ends today. Because in a moment I’ll show you the step-by-step guide to Google Ads that your Google Ads “specialist” has no clue about.

Mistake #2: Winging it to figure it out
To the uninitiated, Google Ads is a cruel slot machine. Spend thousands of dollars then pray the leads come.
That sounds like gambling with your business on the line. And the only one who wins is Google.
It’s easy to think the game is rigged. But today, I’m going to show you how to turn the odds in your favor.
Because once you know the foundations, Google becomes your personal vending machine. (I’m not kidding)
Put in a fixed amount. And it pumps out a jackpot of high-value leads. The kind of customers who urgently need and are LOOKING for YOURservices…and who can’t wait to give you money.
And Google is happy to do it while you sleep, while you’re out on the job. Or anytime your ads are running.

Mistake #3: Not optimizing campaigns
If you don’t optimize your campaigns… you get crushed. That’s just how Google works.
After consulting with hundreds of clients I can tell you 95% of people don’t optimize their Google Ads campaigns.
The worst part is the courses I’ve seen just gloss over optimizations.
Which is such a shame.
Because optimizations are the KEY to drive hordes of hot leads to your business. While setting your cost per lead on a free fall.
Remember how I sad Google Ads can be your own personal vending machine. Well, what if you could put in a dollar and it would spit out $2. You’d take that deal all day.
What if you could put in that same $1 dollar and get back $5, $6, $7 or more. You’d be crazy not to take that deal.
I’ll raise the stakes even higher. What if you could put in .50 cents and get back $10. They’d check your pulse if you didn’t take that offer.
With optimizations, Google offers you the power to skyrocket your profits
But you know what’s straight up crazy?
Nobody takes that offer.
Not because they don’t want to. It’s because they don’t know how.
I know first hand. It’s not that difficult, dial up what works and dial down what is wasting money. The key is knowing which dials to turn.
Like I said my name is Rob Andolina. And, I’m lucky enough that for the last 11 years I’ve spent almost all my waking hours with Google Ads.
Normally, I’d be spending my time helping local business owners grow their businesses with the power of the internet…
But today, I wanted to talk to you to tell you this:
To learn Google Ads fast without getting burned you have to talk to an expert.
Now I know there are plenty of people out there that claim to be Google Ads experts. They promise big and never get results. But they’re more than happy to send you a monthly bill.
I am the expert you can trust. Just check out what my past clients & partners have to say.

As you can imagine, I get a lot of emails from business owners and marketing agencies asking for help with Google Ad campaigns. So many that I couldn’t keep up.

To free up my time, I decided to create a course where I would reveal all of my Google Ads tactics and strategies.
I wanted it to be the one stop shop to answer all the questions I got about lead generation campaigns. And, given that Google Ads might be the most misunderstood platform out there… I wanted to show you exactly what to do at each stage of the campaign.

I’m proud to introduce that course to you today:

Google Ads Training Academy
The simple, proven training that generates 25, 50, 100 to 500+ leads per month for your local or national business even if you have ZERO experience with pay-per-click ads
My goal when creating this course was simple…
I wanted to create a repeatable, proven system that business owners or marketers could use to generate a steady stream of leads using Google Ads…even if they’re brand-new to pay per click ads.
This video tutorial course will show you how to set up a winning ad campaign on Google A to Z…
So that you can start generating leads immediately…
Closing new, high-paying clients…
And transform your business almost overnight.
It shows you how to harness the power of the best marketing tool that exists for businesses: Google Ads.
Simply put, no other tool can generate leads like Google can because no other site on the internet commands as much TRAFFIC.
With this course, you can set up a winning campaign in just a few days…(1-2 days)
Which means in less than a week, your phone could be ringing off the hook with new clients, eager to pay you for your services!
And, within 30 days you will run lead generation campaigns better than 99.99% of the so-called Google Ads experts out there.
So if you’re ready to graduate from free eBooks and YouTube tutorials.
And want to truly master the power of Google Ads to create a stable and predictable stream of high-value leads.
Then Google Ads Training Academy is for you.

Blow up your phone with high-value leads desperate to pay you for your services within 30 days
That’s the truth. Which means:
No more wondering where the next job will come from.
In fact, you’ll be so flooded with work you’ll have to start a waitlist (or raise your prices).
You can enjoy your work knowing Google is sending you high-quality leads.
The competition won’t know what hit ‘em. What will you care anyhow?
Just look at what this training has done for my clients before:

These results are well within your grasp.
Business owners and marketers just like you can harness the power of Google Ads to drive a predictable river of leads to their business.
Even if you’re green as grass when it comes to Google Ads.
Or if your last campaign blew up right in your face.
And even if you don’t have the time or money to waste learning Google Ads on your own.

Take a look at the lead generation secrets revealed inside Google Ads Training Academy
Google Ads Training Academy is a step by step video course. So you can go from knowing nothing about Google Ads…to running profitable lead generation campaigns within 30 days.
In the course, I break every step down in plain English. It’s dead simple. In fact, all you have to do is sit down, throw in your headphones and watch the videos.
To make the material easy to digest and implement, I broke the course into 3 simple steps.

Step 1 The Foundation: The Google Ads Essentials to bring in your first high-quality leads in less than 7 days
This is the meat and potatoes of the course. You’ll watch as I show you exactly what to do to set up a profitable Google Ads campaign from scratch…that lands you new leads in the first 7 days.

In these first 10 modules, you’ll discover…
The #1 issue we see when auditing a new campaign. (And why it’s the fastest way to torch a pile of money with Google Ads).
The complete guide to Ad Extensions: Discover how to make your Ads stand out from your competition by taking up more real estate on Google Search. I’ll teach you 5 extension types–including the 1 extension that drives the lion’s share of traffic for lead generation campaigns. It’s crazy that nobody uses it. Just by watching this video, you’ll smoke your competition.

The bare minimum ad spend you must hit every day (no matter your business). Fail to meet this amount and your campaigns won’t get off the ground.
How to get Google to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to bidding (while keeping them on a tight leash). This is one of my favorite parts of Google Ads that no one takes advantage of.

The keyword research trick to create campaigns that always hit it out of the park. This is the #1 skill you must master to get leads knocking down your door.

The 3 keywords that are like money in the bank for a lead generation campaign. (Two are obvious. The other is so subtle but screams “take my money please”)

Why I don’t use Excel or Google Sheets to build out my Ad Groups. In module 4, I’ll show you the 1 tool I use instead. The result: tighter campaigns with fewer mistakes. (I can’t believe this tool is free).
Bad copy kills your ads. In Module 5, I’ll teach you the “circle dot” secret to writing ad hooks that grab your prospects by the eyeballs.
The most powerful conversion factor on a landing page courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg.
The “Clone” Method to set up a brand new ad campaign with 2 clicks.
How to set up call tracking in Google Ads. Without setting up conversion tracking you’re flying blind. I’ll show you 4 ways to set it up. So you can eliminate wasted ad spend and scale up successful campaigns.

Step 2 Optimizations: Drop your cost per click through the floor
After the foundations of Google Ads, optimizations are the most important aspect of a lead generation campaign, because they lower your ad spend costs.

By watching these 10 videos you’ll have a repeatable process to land leads at bargain prices. So you can scale your Google Ads campaigns to make as much money as you want.

You’ll discover…
The easiest way to generate more leads while lowering your cost per click. It’s wild how many people leave money on the table by not using this technique.
The rule of thumb to know when to pause a campaign immediately. If you don’t get this many leads per 10 clicks it means the keyword is a dud (and is burning through your ad budget).
The quick checklist to diagnose why prospects are bouncing off your landing pages (and the 1 tool to send your conversions through the roof).
The 3 ways to optimize for demographics. Knowing this puts you miles ahead of your competition.
The “1 box” technique to send additional leads to your business. It’s stupid-easy. And it gives you the extra edge over your competitors.

Step 3: Expert Strategies to grab MORE clicks than your competition
The last critical strategies let you play a different game than even your most advanced competitors.
In the final 3 modules you’ll discover:
How to set up the essentials of a remarketing campaign in 11 minutes 29 seconds.
Google’s free service is buggy at best. I’ll show you the only 3rd party call tracking tool I trust for our 100+ clients.
How to set up a call only campaign. I get a lot of questions from experts how to set up these campaigns. In module 15 I’ll show you my process end to end.

Still there’s more…
Lifetime Access to New Content
I’m always testing new strategies and tactics to generate high-value leads for my clients.
When I find a winner, you’ll be the first to know.
Because not only do you have lifetime access to the current Google Ads Training Academy content. But also any new video tutorials I add to the course content.
Which means you’ll always be on the forefront of Google Ads experts who can land red hot leads ON DEMAND.
I’m not done. When you join Google Ads Training Academy today you also get a..
Special Bonus: The “Million Dollar” Landing Page
The goal is to turn your Google Ads into leads at the lowest price possible. As you may know, sending leads to your website homepage is a waste of money.
Instead, to turn more clicks into phone calls, send traffic to a dedicated web page called a landing page.
Better still, send them to a landing page style/layout which has already generated millions in sales.
Today, when you join Google Ads Training Academy, you’ll also get the Million Dollar landing page. For comparison, a landing page converting at 4% to
10% is considered high converting. The Million Dollar Landing page converts at 25+%.
That’s no fluke. It has converted 10,000s of leads that led to millions of dollars in sales. And it continues to convert at 25% and above.
That’s the added leverage to land more high-value leads. And send your cost per lead on a nose dive.
I’m giving you the code to copy and paste for your landing pages. Swap out the images and copy. And you’re set to convert more high-value leads.
It’s yours FREE when you join Google Ads Training Academy today.
How much is this profit-generating Google Ads system going to cost me?
Normally when I consult for a business, I charge up to $2,000 dollars per Google Ads campaign.
But you won’t pay $2,000 dollars today.
You won’t pay $1,000 either.
Today when you’ll get full access to Google Ads Training Academy…all the future content…and the Million Dollar Landing Page.
All for $497.
Considering how much you stand to make off your business with this information, you can see how $497 is a steal.
Just see what my past students have to say:
Try Google Ads Training Academy risk-free for 30 days on me
Look for $497 you get access to the entire course.
And you can try the first 30% of the course…for 30 days…risk-free. It’s covered by a 100% money back guarantee.
Go ahead. Give the first 30% of the content a test drive…for 4 full weeks. Set up your first Google Ads campaign. And see the high-quality leads roll in.
If you don’t like it, no worries. I’ll refund every last penny.
Yes, that’s right.
This offer is completely risk-free… and there’s ONLY upside for you and your business.
You’re completely covered by my 100% money back guarantee
At any point during the 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the first 30% of the material, just shoot me an email and you’ll get every cent back…
So today, you have ONLY upside.
And what a big upside it is…
Just think about what a new, steady influx of new leads would do for your business…
It would transform nearly OVERNIGHT.
It’s all possible. Just look at what this training has done for my past clients:
Today, you have the opportunity to master this unfair advantage for your own business!
Are you in?
Below, you’ll find a button that says: “Enroll”
If you want to get started quickly, go ahead and scroll to the top of this page and click it.
Remember, here’s everything you’re getting access to today:
Full lifetime access to Google Ads Training Academy
The Foundations: 42 videos The Google Ads Essentials to bring in your first high-quality leads in less than 7 days
The Advanced Optimizations: 13 videos to send drop your cost per lead off a cliff
The Expert Strategies: 9 videos to grab MORE clicks than your competition

Remember you’ll have access for life. That includes all the new content I’ll continue to add.

You’ll also get:
Free Bonus: High Converting Landing Page
So if you’re ready to take advantage of this risk-free offer of Google Ads Training Academy today, go ahead and click on the button below
Once you do, here’s what will happen:
You’ll be directed to a secure checkout page where you will enter your payment information.
Then we’ll send you a link with instant access to Google Ads Training Academy content.
Go ahead and dive right into the first module. Binge watch the content if you choose. Or watch it over the next week.
Remember, you have lifetime access to all the Google Ads Training Academy material, including all the future content.
Within a day you can set up your own Google Ads campaign. And before you know it, hot leads will start calling you and PAYING you for your service.
And since the incredible secrets inside this training will stick with you for life…
There’s NO LIMIT to the ROI (return on investment) for something like this…It will continue to pay for itself, month after month
Soon, your pipeline will be so full you’ll have to raise your rates to keep up with demand.
Now, the way I see it, you have 1 of three options to choose from.

Option 1: You click away right now and do nothing. And continue to use the hope and pray method of finding clients that won’t grow your business. Of course, the choice is yours…
But for me, I’d prefer the easy, proven method instead of a long, uphill grind to get clients.

Option 2: You leave today and try to piece together all the steps from free eBooks, forums and youtube videos. It could take years of spinning your wheels. And thousands of wasted dollars in ad spend to learn it on your own.
All while knowing there was a much easier way.
OR… you could take option 3: You can start generating quality leads month over month with Google Ads Training Academy today, completely FREE for 30 days.
Watch inside as I show you step by step how to create a Google Ads campaign end-to-end from scratch, even if you’re a total beginner.
Then build your own campaign. Get it live and start seeing the leads roll in within a week.
You can complete the course in no time… and have a fully optimized lead machine–pumping out high-value leads day after day.

There’s no time to waste…
Go ahead and click on the button above to get full access to Google Ads Training Academy.
You’ll get lifetime access to Google Ads Training Academy. And the “Million Dollar” landing page.
And remember, you’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee.
If after 30 days you’re not satisfied with the first 30% of the course, I will refund every cent of your purchase.
But by then, your phones could be ringing off the hook with prospects ready to pay you top dollar for your services.
You’ll have no more sleepless nights wondering how you’re going to make payroll.
No more chasing low-value prospects who were never going to close anyway.
You won’t worry about what your competition.
Because your business will be taking off like a rocket (like you knew it would).
Are you ready?
If you’re as excited as I am…
Go ahead and click the button below to get started!
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you inside
– Rob

Class Curriculum
New to AdWords? (WATCH THIS FIRST) Quickstart Campaign Setup – Start-to-Finish
Step 1: Setting Up Your Campaign Settings And Your First Ad Group (17:49)
Step 2: Expanding Your Ad Groups, Keywords & Ads (17:02)
Step 3: Setting Up Negative Keywords & Adding In Ad Extensions (13:06)
Step 4: Setting Up Contact Form & Call Conversion Tracking (13:26)

Module 1: Introduction to Google Ads
Creating A New Google Ads [Account] (6:32)
Setting Up Your Google Ads Billing (1:49)
A Quick Tour Of The NEW Google Ads Platform/Interface (7:36)
Understanding The Different Campaign Types (2:53)
Overview Of Daily Budgets And How They Work (3:37)
Understanding Location Targeting & The Correct Settings (3:41)
Introduction to All Available Bidding Strategies (7:53)
Understanding The Different Device Bids (2:20)
Ad Delivery Method: Standard Vs Accelerated (1:11)
Understanding Ad Extensions And How to Use Them (16:32)
Ad Schedules: How They Work And Why You Need Them (6:34)
Understanding Ad Rotation Settings (2:22)
Dynamic Search Ads & Ad Tracking Templates (4:12)
IP Exclusions And How They Work (2:00)
Using the New Keyword Tool in Google AdWords – (2018 Tutorial) (9:48)

Module 2: Understanding The Google Ads Auction + Bidding
How The Google Ads Auction Platform Works (3:05)
How to Set Your Initial Ad Group / Keyword Bids (9:00)

Module 3: Understanding Google Ads Quality Score Metric
How Quality Score Works (1:58)
How to Improve Your Low Quality Scores (5:23)
Improving Quality Score By Tweaking Landing Page Experience (5:03)

Module 4: Correct Campaign / Ad Group Structure
How to Create a New Ad Group & How They Are Supposed To Work (17:24)
How To Build Out Ad Groups (17:54)
The POWER Of Geo Ad Groups (4:09)
SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) (5:52)

Module 5: Write Ad Copy That Converts
Understanding The Basics Of Writing Effective Ad Copy (3:51)
Crafting Your Ad Copy “HOOK” (15:02)
Talking About The Location You Are Targeting In The Actual Ad Copy (6:46)
(NEW) Google Ads Can Show 3 Headlines & A 2nd Description (1:57)

Module 6: Understanding Keywords, Keyword Match Types & More
Understanding Keyword Basics And How They Work (2:00)
Keyword Match Types And How to Use Them (7:06)
Keyword Match Type FREE Tools You Can Use (2:47)
How to Find / Choose (High-Intent) Keywords + Using AdWords Keyword Planner (8:22)
Understanding Keyword / Ad Group “Themes” (7:23)

Module 7: Negative Keywords And WHY You Must Have Them
Understanding How / Why Negative Keywords Work (2:23)
How to Use Negative Keyword Match Types (8:00)
Why You Need Negative Keywords (Live Example) (2:51)
How to Find Negative Keywords (6:45)

Module 8: Simple Landing Pages And WHY You Need to Use Them ASAP
How to Design / Structure Your Landing Page To Convert At 20%+ (6:08)
Using Instapage Software to Build Landing Pages (7:06)

Module 9: Setting Up Conversion Tracking Correctly
How To Set Up Conversion Tracking For Form Submission Leads (5:28)
How To Set Up Conversion Tracking For Ad Extension Phone Calls (3:03)
How To Set Up Conversion Tracking For Website Phone Calls (4:26)
How To Set Up Keyword Level Call Tracking With Callrail (3rd Party Call Tracker) (17:57)

Module 10: How to Optimize And Manage Your AdWords Campaigns
Understanding How Campaign Optimization Works (1:21)
Optimizing Device Bids (3:50)
Optimizing Ad Copy For Higher CTR’s / Conversions (4:13)
Optimizing Campaign Keywords / Keyword Bids (8:15)
Adding Converting Keywords / Adding Negative Keywords From Search Term Reporting (8:45)
Optimizing Your Ad Schedule To Convert Higher (7:14)
Optimizing Your Locations (6:27)
In-Market Audience Targeting (2:32)
Optimizing Your Landing Pages For Higher Conversions (14:48)
Conversion Optimization Using Heat Maps / Screen Recordings (3:28)
Demographic Data Optimization Tactics (5:50)
Google Search Partner Optimization (2:51)
Ad Extension Optimization Tactics (4:32)
Adwords Change History Tutorial: Troubleshoot POOR Campaign Performance (2:22)

Module 11: Setting Up Location Extensions & Google My Business Page
Easy Location Extension Set Up (4:47)

Module 12: How to Set Up Remarketing Campaigns
Understanding How (BASIC) Remarketing Works (2:25)
How to Create Your Remarketing Audience & Install Your Remarketing Tag (4:47)
Creating Your 1st Remarketing Campaign (11:29)

Module 13: (More Advanced) AdWords Scripts And How They Work
Understanding What AdWords Scripts Are / How They Work (7:34)

Module 14: AdWords Editor Basics & Functions
How To Use AdWords Editor For Account / Campaign Editing (7:50)

Module 15: Call Only Ads – A-Z Call Only Campaign Build
How to Build a Call Only Campaign (32:31)

Module 16: Creating An MCC Account For Easier Client Management
How To Set Up an MCC & Link Client Accounts (3:33)
Resources Tab (Our Favorite Must Have Tools / Softwares)

Links To Our Favorite Tools

*Instapage* Copy Of Roofer Landing Page That Converts At 25%+

Your Instructor
Rob Andolina
My name is Rob and I’m from right outside of Philadelphia (Super Bowl XXXIX Champs!!) Aside from running the AdWords video tutorials at My PPC Training, I am co-owner of Clicks Geek, a Certified Google Partner agency.

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