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So, What Is…


  • How To Create Your First Product From Start To Launch
  • How To List It For Sale on Warrior Plus
  • How To Promote To Get Affiliates To Sell It For You
  • How To Market It Yourself
  • How To Run Affiliate Contests
  • How To Get Free Traffic To Your Offer

From The Desk Of…
Dawud Islam
Selling other peoples products doing affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, and I make several thousand dollars a month using this method.

The only problem is, when you sell an affiliate product you are competing against EVERY other affiliate who is also trying to sell that product. You only get paid if it is YOUR sale.

Now look at it from the vendor’s perspective. They don’t care WHO sells their product, they get paid all the same. They don’t care if it’s YOU or someone else, they still get paid. Instead of competing AGAINST everyone else as an affiliate, as a vendor you have everyone competing ON YOUR BEHALF as a product seller.

So, what would you rather do? Be 1 in 500 trying to get a sale? Or have the 500 all trying to get a sale for you?

When you look at it this way, launching your own products is a no-brainer but too many people are put off by the idea thinking it’s too difficult or they won’t be able to come up with any good ideas.

In PUMA PRODUCTS I take off the lid on my product creation ‘factory’ and show you how absolutely anyone can put together a new product in less than a day, and then just rinse and repeat the excercise any time they want.

Not only will you stack the odds in YOUR favour for a change, you will also have hundreds and hundreds of new proven buyers flooding on to your email lists each and every month, making your job as an affiliate super easy as well the next time you sell other peoples products again.

I should really offer this as a high ticket course, and eventually it will be part of my mentorship academy. But for now I am just fed up to see people struggling all the time and so I have decided that for a limited time I am going to let it go super cheap. It is my way of paying back for what other people have taught me.

But don’t delay your decision – this is going to be going up during the launch period and will cost you even more afterwards. Every moment you delay will cost you more!

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