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The Curriculum

Explore The Tantra Touch Curriculum

Being one of the most comprehensive Tantra programs you can find anywhere, Tantra Touch packs an impressive amount of content into a 7 week course. You’ll follow Psalm’s step-by-step process that is divided into three phases. The first phase uncovers the psychological aspects of your sexuality. The second phase connects with the energetic influences shaping your sexuality. And in staying true to ancient Tantra, the third phase is when all the groundwork is done and where will you enter into the physical aspects of soulful sexuality. Upon completing these three phases, you will have experienced a sexual awakening so profound, it will permanently change your understanding of sensuality and intimacy – and your capacity to experience it.

PART 1: Sacred Sexuality

In this week, you’ll reverse decades of psychological conditioning as Psalm performs a psuedo-open surgery on your mind — the biggest sex organ you have.

Highlights include:

  • How tantric sex better than regular sex What the chocolate eating exercise is Psychological roadblocks for men and women
  • Identifying your beliefs around sex
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies
  • Identifying hypo and hyper sexuality
  • Learn all of the levels of intimacy
  • Discover the kiss meditation for higher levels of intimacy

PART 2: Neurons to Nirvana

In this week, you’ll learn to rebuild your neurological connection to unlock your full sexual potential. Psalm will teach you the beliefs and habits you need for your complete sexual liberation.

Highlights include:

  • Benefits of orgasm
  • Setting intentions for amazing sex
  • Increasing your sex IQ
  • Making yourself bulletproof to stress and shame
  • Neuroplasticity and healing trauma
  • 6 ways to experience ecstasy in sex
  • Different types of tantric breathing for arousal and ecstasy
  • Breath orgasm and the secret squeeze pelvic exercise

PART 3: Chakras For Intimacy

Since chakras are powerful elements governing our sexual destiny, you’ll focus an entire week on learning how to unblock and open them. You’ll clear and strengthen your chakras to finally embody your full sexual self.

Highlights include:

  • The 7 chakras and levels of intimacy Exercise to identify energetic blocks in the body
  • Healing your chakras using sexual energy
  • 2 major type of imbalances — Hyper and Hypo and how to find balance
  • Tantric secret for circulating your sexual energy through the chakras and full body orgasms
  • Metaphysics of Tantra
  • Kundalini Energy and how it moves through the chakras
  • Various kinds of tantric touch and the art of arousal

PART 4: Tantra For One

In this week, you’ll focus on cultivating your own sexual energy without the help of others. This process of self-mastery is key to unlocking your full sexual potential.

Highlights include:

  • Your sexual Shakti and sexual magnetism
  • Roadblocks to sexual magnetism for men and women
  • Discovering your orgasmic triggers
  • Workouts to strengthen your sexual core
  • Breast massage, yoni massage, prostate massage, and lingham massage
  • How to cultivate and bank your sexual energy
  • Whole body orgasms and multiple orgasms
  • Milking technique for women; edging and pelvic pumps for men

PART 5: Tantra For Two

In this week, we’ll get into the experience of real tantric connection between you and your partner. These practices take you deeper and deeper into bliss and intimacy.

Highlights include:

  • Tantric ritual of setting the stage for sex
  • Awakening and engaging the five senses
  • Breathing together during intercourse
  • White Tigress technique
  • How to have your sexual fluids taste better
  • Tantra massage for two and partner sex massages
  • Sex as worship and other rituals for increased sensations
  • Sexual positions that work well with KISS Meditation

PART 6: Urban Kama Sutra

This is the week of Kama Sutra. You’ll explore various positions that can help you take your Tantra practice to the next level. It’s the week you’ve been waiting for. An exciting week full of experiments in Tantric sex.

Highlights include:

  • 10 urban Kama Sutra Tantra secrets
  • Breath, sound, movement, and muscular control
  • The Art of Kissing and the 5 kinds of Kama Sutra kisses
  • Yoni Puja — a 5,000-year-old Tantra ritual
  • 6 best Kama Sutra positions for maximum pleasure
  • Kama Sutra tips to drive your partner wild
  • Exploring your forbidden fantasies
  • How to use Kama Sutra poses with the 10 Tantra secrets

PART 7: Magic Beyond Bedroom

In this week, you’ll discover how to translate the principles of Tantra and your newfound magnetism into every area of your life. Discover how Tantra allows you to tap into the Law of Attraction to attract the things you want.

Highlights include:

  • Why many geniuses and entrepreneurs share a high erotic drive
  • How sexual energy fuels both drive and creativity
  • Connecting your sexual Shakti with the laws of attraction
  • Using all the tantric tools to manifest your goals in life
  • How to create a vortex of sexual energy for the Law of Attraction
  • How to use visualization with sexual energy for manifestation
  • Vision boards as a focal point to harness your sexual magnetism
  • Sex Magic Guided Meditation for Manifesting

Psalm Isadora, Creator of Tantra Touch

Psalm Isadora was one of the most transformational sex educators to grace Earth’s stage in the 21st century. She was an internationally renowned Relationship Expert who founded the global relationship coaching program Urban Kama Sutra.

Psalm was also known for creating a sexual movement in the yoga community with OYoga, a unique form of yoga specially designed to help women “light the world on fire” with the help of their body.

Psalm’s foray into studying sexuality was triggered by the deep pain she endured as she went through years of sexual trauma as a child who was raised in a Christian cult.

Her past triggered decades of anxiety and depression – which in turn led to a sexual awakening and deep passion for sharing what she learned on her journey.

Tantra Touch is a major part of Psalm’s legacy and mission to reconnect people with their sacred sexuality: one of the most precious gifts a human can gain.

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