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Get Now Local SEO (Rank & Rent) By Paul James. Download This Course For Cheap Price…

If you want to start an SEO business and optimize your client’s website, Paul’s course could be the right one for you.

However, these days I don’t really recommend going down the path of SEO like Paul is teaching.

Lead Generation, where you rank your own website, is a far superior model to monetize your skills.

He definitely does touch upon it in the course, but, in my opinion, just not enough.

Let me explain, keep reading…

Why I Quit Doing SEO… Lead Generation Proved to be a Much Better Biz Model, Here’s Why…

Our longtime readers know that we have one of the most successful lead generation business coaching programs out there.

So how does it differ from Paul James?

  • Our video training is more extensive, the entire business model has been broken down further into more simple to follow step by step videos.
  • Our social group is not a forum, it’s a private Facebook group with more than 6k members and it feels more robust and personable.
  • We provide on-going live coaching calls twice a week!
  • We have a lot more extensive training on sales & entrepreneurship. Its one thing to have a skill, but its another thing altogether to be a good business owner that’s able to build a big successful business with it.
  • We do live Vegas events once per year, and regional events in other states through out the year.
  • We have developed a lot more done for you services and have a huge team there to help you in every specific, so that our students can leverage to scale their businesses much faster.
  • Some advanced SEO ranking strategies and tactics that I didn’t find inside Paul James program.

By following our specific lead gen oriented course, I run a $50K per month lead generation business but all of my leads are generating through free traffic or SEO.

So it’s pretty much passive income, I don’t have to worry about the performance of any ads or anything.

The website I create ranks on the first page of Google, in the so-called map pack, and the leads just start pouring in.

Paul James programs are solid and he seems to have happy customers and so do we.

Of course if you ask me, you know which program I would recommend.

But ultimately it’s up to you to make that final decision.

I’m not afraid of investing in programs because I’m confident in my abilities to produce so even if I learn just 1 thing, I know I’m going to produce a ROI.

For example, if you’re looking to become the best surgeon in the world, you’re gonna want to learn from multiple experts.

I look at SEO & Lead Generation much the same way. I want to learn from every verifiable high-level expert in this field, because I’m in it to be the best.

For some people looking to pull the trigger on their first program, it might come down to your personal preference of which coach you vibe with more.

Paul James vs. our mentor, Dan & myself, since if you join our program, you get direct access to me as well.

And I can assure you, I know my shit when it comes to ranking websites:

That’s how you found this blog after all.

And check out this other blog:

Is about to crack the top 500K of all the websites in the world.

And I have other sites out there.

And this is how we generate all of our leads for our coaching program. Nothing else. We don’t even run Facebook or Google Ads.

Which is what makes our coaching program so attractive because it’s clear as day that we’re practicing what we’re preaching for our own business.

This is why I still recommend people look into doing lead generation with free traffic.


Paul James’ Maps Mentor course is well executed, everything is there to start your career in SEO and Lead Gen.

But it’s not the best course out there that tackles this topic:

Our course dwarves his in comparison

If you learn how to generate leads with free traffic from us, you can  go into any niche and create an incredible level of results for clients.

That’s how 90% of my multiple 6 figure income is generated. And I should add that it’s passive income, because, see, free traffic never stops.

In 2020, even during Covid-19, I continue to build more lead gen sites and I write at least 1 blog post a day for this site, because I’ve come to realize that these are the high-income producing activities because it directly increases my free traffic get press every month.

Sales Page: https://iampauljames.teachable.com/courses


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