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If you’re looking to create an online course of your own, and make money sharing it with students around the world, Course Creator Pro by Parker and Dakota Walbeck may be the course for you.
Course Creator Pro is an online course that teaches you how to create an online course.
Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well maybe it’s exactly what you need.
What Type Of Course Do You Want To Create
When creating an online course, you have 2 options: Low-Ticket or High-Ticket.
Low-Ticket: Typically sells for $10-$20, hosted on Udemy, the heavy lifting is done for you (marketing), you give 25-75% of each sale to Udemy.
High-Ticket: Typically sells for $100-$1,000, hosted on your own website, you do the heavy lifting (marketing), you give 0-10% of each sale to host website.
The big factor is that Course Creator Pro focuses on creating High-Ticket courses.
What’s Involved In Creating A High-Ticket Online Course?
High-Ticket courses, like the ones Course Creator Pro teaches you how to create, have a few important steps:
These 5 steps are very important to create a successful online course, and Course Creator Pro does an excellent job covering each step in detail.
Recommended Student Type
Course Creator Pro is a suitable course for someone who:
Has knowledge to share
Has some level of teaching experience
Is willing to learn (70+ video lectures in Course Creator Pro)
Is willing to invest time in creating a great course
Course Creator Pro is the real deal. It teaches you how to create a professional, high-ticket, course that over-delivers value to students.
Although Course Creator Pro covers information for beginners to get up-to-speed, the course is overall made for intermediate/advanced level students.
Non-Recommended Student Type
Course Creator Pro is not a suitable course for someone who:
Is brand new to teaching
Does not have helpful information to share
Wants to make money fast
Is not willing to put in time to make a great course
For someone that is an absolute complete beginner, Course Creator Pro may be too much information to handle.

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