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It was early 2019 when I discovered the notorious “Get Rich Without Getting Lucky” thread by @naval.

I’d been running an agency business for a year already, and despite making a good living, it was annihilating me.

No two days the same, no two projects creating any semblance of compounding benefit.

Things I had become decent at while selling agency services: brand, design, content, and strategy.

Things I’m interested in personally: philosophy, technology, aesthetics, and commerce. “Productize yourself” I recalled, and Visualize Value was born, a combination of all of the above.

Next up was a level of creative constraint that would ensure I’d be building equity (creating recognizable work). A ridiculously simple rule: black canvas, white typography and geometry.

For 6 months I made at least one image every day, most days 3-4.

My network grew exponentially, and I got introduced to hundreds of brilliant people, many of which turned into clients and collaborators.

You can learn more about Visualize Value as a service here.

3 more months and I began experimenting with ecommerce – selling prints, books, and a couple of digital products.

Behind the digital product purchases, I wanted to find a way to connect people who clearly valued the same ideas, and would benefit from being around people using the same tools, and the VV community was born.

This is the real flywheel component, and the inspiration to make the work better and better every day. A network of builders, all committed to helping each other get where they’re going.

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