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Master the Art and Science of Innovation and Learn From Over 90 of The World’s Leading Innovation Minds
The ACUITY Innovation Leadership Accelerator is your opportunity to learn some of the Innovation research and best practices that drive Fortune 100 businesses and major consulting firms to develop leading products and services.

The Accelerator gives you access to proven methodologies that will set you apart and increase your competitive advantage. With ACUITY you will learn from over 90 of the worlds leading innovation thought leaders within a framework and system to take your company and career to new heights.

Additionally, after completing this course you attain your ISO 56002 certificate. This makes you one of the first in the world to have this knowledge.

Innovation is critical to sustaining customer satisfaction over the longer term, and considerable skill is required to design quality into products, services, and processes. Effective standards help organizations reach those skill levels.

Course Description
This course is designed to prepare learners for leadership roles in innovation. Learners will learn how to use tools, techniques, best practices, and empirical evidence via academic studies that when combined further results. Additionally, learners are introduced to the ACUITY Innovation Leadership Framework as the basis for the learnings and strategies in the course. Each of the 6 principles and 4 foundation pillars of ACUITY are further accompanied by an introduction to the ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems standard as a means to operationalize the critical activities related to innovation management.

This course covers the necessary and practical steps required to implement ISO 56002:2019 Innovation management systems and explains how best to build an innovation management system. Throughout the course, we will refer to ISO 56002:2019 as “the standard,” or, “ISO 56002”.

It provides guidance for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an innovation management system for use in all established organizations.

This course includes up to 1 hour of the classroom (live over Zoom or similar technology) biweekly and directed by faculty instruction and additional 1-2 hours of student work each week for approximately eight weeks. Out-of-class work may also include but is not limited to: required reading, written assignments, videos, or audio files.

The course is broken into modules across separate lessons, which includes the remarks and recommendations from the innovation practices at Ntansa, to provide additional practical advice and expertise.

Course Prerequisites And/Or Co-Requisites
There are no required prerequisites or co-requisites required. However:

Learners are encouraged to listen to “How Innovation Works” part 1 and part 2 of the discussion between Matt Ridley and Naval Ravikant found in the first module of the course.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, the candidate will be able to:

Leverage the ACUITY Innovation Leadership Framework to startup and scale an innovation practice.
Apply the interrupt the findings from innovation studies presented to avoid innovation mistakes and amplify innovation results.
Understand and apply the different innovation leadership roles required to most effectively harness creativity and idea generation.
Put into action organizational innovation learning theories (model 1 and model 2)
Know how to use the 6 primary and 6 secondary leadership mechanisms in innovation leadership
Used the GRAMS method to user requirements and customer needs gathering to get deeper insights more quickly during starting and assessing innovations.
Apply the different innovation leadership behaviours that can support innovation.
Perform a deep assessment of innovation maturity within their organization or that of a client.
Understand how a person’s leadership role shapes their innovation experience and how to capitalize on it.
Build an innovation management system that fits the ISO 56002 standard
Use the Advanced Value Mapping Template to demonstrate and test the value proposition of innovation concepts.


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